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From damnthehaters @ HTGTH

Awesome Show! I will give you a little review of the things that I saw that you don't always here about when reading a review. I will first post the songs that they played. And besides the beginning and the end, I'm have no idea what the order was, but this is close.

Welcome To The Jungle

It's So Easy

Mr Brownstone

Live And Let Die


Sweet Child O'Mine

Knockin On Heavens Door

The Blues

Out Ta Get Me

Used To Love Her

Rocket Queen


You Could Be Mine

My Michelle (with Bach)

November Rain




Chinese Democracy


Paradise City

They also had solo's for Dizzy, Richard, Robin, and Bumblefoot.

Ok, some things that I want to talk about that you normally don't get from a review.

Sebastian was very enteraining. He got the crowd really going. Put on a great show! My buddy was actually making fun of him before the show, but came out of it saying "Sebastian really surprised me, that was awesome!"

Secondly, you can really tell that they are prolonging the stage setup and opening acts to time in with GNR's start time of 11:30pm. I've been to a GNR show in the past where the lights go down, and you still wait 40 minutes. Last night, Sebastian got done around 10:45 and the stage-crew didn't turn off all the lights until around 11:30. Only a minute or two later, GNR hit the stage. I think this is good because people don't get all pissy. If people see the lights go out, they then expect a show. Therefor, if you just prolong everything, people know there not coming on yet. Plus, word seams to be getting around that GNR won't hit the stage until atleast 11:30. I heard a lot of people mentioning that before the show.

Third, I thought the new songs got a really good reaction. You can't expect people to hear something they have never heard before and be jumping all around. I was both up front and also in the back sitting down for the show, and saw good reaction. When I was sitting, just about everyone around me showed there appreciation (by clapping) for the new stuff, it was good to see.

Fourth, people have complained in the past about people leaving the show early. I'm not going to say this didn't happen, because I saw a lot of people leave while I was sitting. However, the people that were leaving were stoked. I heard people walking out saying "wow, what a show", or "that was awesome" The reason isn't because people think the show sucks, it's that people leave a Guns show because it's so late and they have jobs to go to the next morning. Yeah, there are always a few people who don't like the show, but the majority of people last night were really into it.

Fifth, I thought the new songs that were played were played a hundred times better when I have seen them in the past. I personally love "Better" when I listen to it in my car, or house. But LIVE, I have to say I.R.S, and Chinese Democracy were very fuckin impressive. People around me started to head bang on those songs and really got into it. For their encore, they opened with Democracy in a way that I've never seen them. Robin stood upper middle stage and shared an opening riff similar to Welcome To The Jungle. It obviously wasn't the riff of WTTJ, but the it reminded me of it. People really liked that intro.

Lastly, I want to say that I think this album is very close to being released. I say that because of how they played there new songs last night, and 5 at that. Yeah, Axl may not say anything on stage about how "this is a new song on Chinese Democracy", but the way they presented there new stuff last night, and the way they played it, that's promotion right there! During CD for example...Robin starting off with an awesome riff to get everyone going, Chinese pictures on the big screen in the back, flames going up behind stage during the whole song! People knew it was new stuff, and new stuff that wasn't too fuckin bad, if you know what I mean.

It was a great concert and especially for the regualar fan. What I mean by that is ofcourse, us true die hards have been getting pretty much the same setlist for ever now, and know the new GNR like the back of our hand. However, the regular fan doesn't. They go to a GNR show to listen to songs like November Rain, Paradise City, Patience, etc., and that's what they get. They also get GNR introducing 5 new songs to fans off their forthcoming album. For me, like I said earlier, I went back and sat down for much of the concert. That wasn't because I didn't enjoy, but because I wanted a different view. I have seen them plenty over the past years and wanted to get a different perspective. What i saw were people really enjoying what they were watching and hearing comments like "Axl's back" or "that was awesome", and seeing people get excited and say "look at him go", while he was running from one end of the stage to the other. We all know Axl's style and what he does or used to do. It's nice to see people getting a chance to see it again. We as die hards obviously want more all the time, but what we have to remember is that we are the minority. Don't worry, the regular fan is having a blast!

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This show was fucking amazing. I haven't seen Axl go that insane on stage since performances in 92'. During Better, for instance, he started jumping up and down stomping (I mean really stomping) on the stage. Even certain notes he had previously been skipping into his "helium" voice for, he had full raspy bliss. Rocket queen sounded almost like at the 88' Ritz show, except complete. Bach was also spot on all night, and screeched like a banshee. At the end of Paradise City, Axl handed his mic stand to the guy next to me, and I grabbed his hand. Security then took it from him, only to have Axl run off stage and take it back to the guy with a cocky smile on his face. His rant that night was about getting shit-faced drunk and catching the fish at Pike Place market (google it) and hitting his head on the wall.

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Great fucking show...I would go back too see them in a heart beat!!!

Place was about 50% to 70% during Suicide girls & Helmet

70-75% during Baz...He fucking rocks!!!

about 85% for GNR

Not bad...they need to release the album in my opinion too sell more tickets...

A lot a people don`t know that GNR are still alive & freaking good!!

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Thanks mango for the songlist and the extensive review!!! I wrote "just" 2,768 words of show report, but it's in Portuguese... But making a long story short, it was one of the happiest nights of my life. No money in the world can but the thrill of seeing Axl Rose moving around and singing those awesome songs. The new band played the old stuff perfectly, I didn't miss Slash & Cia even a little bit (as I thought I would). I could go on and on just babbling about how much I love Axl and how happy I was - in fact, I'm still high! Their songs of choice were perfect, except for Don't Cry that was semi-missing (and I could have lived without Nighttrain, Mr. Brownstone, and Rocket Queen) - I certainly didn't expect I Used To Love Her, and seeing Axl whistle Patience was just TO DIE FOR.

Axl looks weird, honestly... I'm not a fan of those tiny braids (or whatever they're called) and those clothes are so... not him. Still, he's still the most handsome, sexiest thing walking under the sky. His presence is EVERYTHING, the way he moves, his body... purrrrfect!!! And so good to see that his voice didn't change a bit! His stage manners are much tamer (he doesn't run as much, or move like he's possessed by the devil) but he's still electrifying.

I just wish to have a chance, one day, to meet face-to-face and say THANK YOU. For everything, for the amazing entertainment all these years, for the songs that will NEVER stop being awesome, and for the mind-blowing experience that was to be on a GN'R show.

As for Sebastian Bach... I honestly didn't like the guy. Too much vulgar language, his voice is super annoying, and he said a bunch of things that sounded forced, like he was playing a role instead of just being himself - saying the things that, he assumed, the fans wanted to hear. (Or maybe it was just me.) But, points to him, he was certainly enthusiastic and trying to get everyone to have a good time. I loved his little joke about dedicating "In A Darkened Room" to us. :-)

AxlisOld, I was sitting on 117 and I saw the "mic stand" episode! I was so happy for that guy that he got his souvenir returned to him. And, OMG, I hadn't understood the "fish story" - so Axl was at Pike Place Market????? That's 15 min from where I life!!! (If I had known!) So Axl can walk around in a crowded place and they live him alone?... :blink:

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as i've posted on HTGTH & CD

Review #1 Dec.11

The show was in-fucking-sane. I went with my dad, it was so fun.

The doors opened around 7:15-ish, then we budged in line at the side of the merchandise table, bought shirts, got our seats. Shortly after 8:00 the Suicide Girls came on. Prior to this i had no clue who they were, but now i'm a fan, especially after watching them pour chocolate sauce all over each others bodies. About 20 minutes after SG was Helmet, they were good, but not too many people were entertained, myself included. Then after about a half-hour Sebastian Bach was on. He is Fucking amazing!! The guy has so much energy, and got the crowd really going. Then he did some stupid,but funny, rant about youtube and myspace: "...mytube, yourtube, his tube...... your space, her space..." After he was done we had the 40 mintue wait(sure seemed like it) for Axl and the band of misfits. After about 20 minutes people seemed kinda pissy, i kept thinking "where the fuck is that ugly cornrowed bastard?!". Then the lights went out and the intro music hit, which was kinda bleh.....

Then 'dun nu nu nu nu nu nu nu nu', it did that about 4 more times. Then "YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE!!!!!!!!" andn a loud BOOM!!! Everybody was going completely nuts and sang through till Better. Most people around me (in the stands) sat down during Better, i was probably one of the few within 20 feet around me who knew the song. Then, if i remember correctly, was Robins Solo, which is when i realized i had a headache. Not man y people dug the solo...... then Sweet Child O'Mine started and everybody was on their feet again. During Dizzy's Solo/ The Blues everybody seemed a bit impatient. I was kinda disappointedf during "Used To Love Her" (love that song) it took Axl singing the first half before anybody sang along...... Once again not mabny people were buying IRS...... In You Could Be Mine most people jum[ped at the loud explosion, myself included. Then Bach came on with commentary by Axl "....thats a nice piece of bass......." Axl's piano solo and november rain were good, but most people sat down during this.... The funny thing about the concert was that after Nightrain some people actually got up and started to leave, tools. Chinese Democracy was awesome, and Madagascar was met with people sitting, except me(i know the song off by heart and was one of three people in my section standing up). Paradise City had the usual energyu that it always has.... then at the end Axl gave out his mic stand, and threw the mic, which i guy a few rows down from me caught. Then the show was over and my father and i had to tackle the 230am drive to vancouver, we got home at 430 and 2 1/2 hours later my dad had togo to work... fun./......

Review #2/bit of a rant Dec.12

most of the fans were being asses....


i was in the stands on the dizzy side of the stage, about 30 feet from Richard Fortus.117 row 10 #6 about a 70 degree(just a guess) angle away from the right speaker.

i had my cell phone up during all the slow/mellow songs, but after a minute or two gave into peer pressure and put it down

i was one of the few in the stands who was going nuts, not only when axl walked to our side, but the whole time. i only sat down 4 times only because my feet hurt and it was just solos.

i felt proud of myself when it was a newer song and axl walked to our side and i was the one of the few standing in the stands

People werent really into the new stuff.... same goes for some of the old, like November rain or used to love her.

i didnt really dance, just bopped up and down a little bit, but went fucking insane for Paradise City.

it was a late night but that isnt an excuse for the way a majority of the fans were at times

I have to add something about the band here:

as i told my dad after the show:

"the new guys are very unique and alothough many people bitch about the new band, these new guys add to the existing songs making them, well better? in a different context. the band has such a different amazing sound added to their old stuff, it makes for a good non-repeated/worn-out-album experiance." -Phloyd Dec.11/06 2:30am

that was alot/hard for me to say..... i was losing my voice and ears were ringing....

once again: good fucking show....

For ysmdy:


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