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Use Your Illusion vs. Nevermind vs. The Black Album

Vincent Vega

Use Your Illusion I&II vs. Nevermind vs. The Black Album  

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In the late summer of 1991, four largely successful and highly influencial albums were released. Three were released by two bands (GN'R and Metallica) which were on top of the world in terms of popularity and success and impact, and were arguably the most popular acts in the world. One band was on it's way up and just about to explode into the mainstream and that would be Nirvana. Guns N' Roses was at it's creative peak, releasing two albums, Use Your Illusion I and II in September of 1991, Nirvana was just finding it's commercial strength with their album also released in September 1991 and Metallica was growing ever more popular with it's release of Metallica, called the Black Album, in August 1991. All albums ended up selling tremendously; The UYI's sold 14 million copies altogether, the Black Album sold 15 million and Nevermind sold 5 million. And all of these albums have had tremendous impact and are lasting legends in the music industry. Which would you say is the best and why?

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hmmmm...well...all 3 were overproduced (maybe Nevermind less so)

The Black Album pushed metal through the stratosphere,Nevermind changed the music scene tenfold,Illusions proved Axl had way too much influence in the studio.

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This is probably just totally biased... but UYI1/2 definetly.

UYI is basically in another stratosphere compared to Nevermind. And... I've never really been a fan of Metallica, even their biggest albums (Black Album, Master of puppets).

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

the black fuck have... 2 or 3

I agree.

Metallica is the most overrated band in the world

I think so too. Or atleast 1 of the most overrated

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