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Brilliant additions to Chinese Democracy


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I should probably start by saying that this thread was made at a very inappropriate time (i.e. Axl's open letter). However, since the concert in Toronto, I couldn't get the 2006 version of Chinese Democracy out of my head.

In 2001/2002, the song to me was somewhat weak, aside from the final segment of the track. However, the 2006 version added those keys (similar to a xylophone sound) to the verses of the track. Ever since then, it's become one of my favourite GN'R tracks.

It's truly a brilliant, subtle effect. I assume Dizzy or Pitmann are responsible for that.

I started thinking about giving them more creative control with the rest of the new songs. I also thought they should consider revising old, aborted songs (Silkworms, Rhiad and the Bedouins). These tracks seemed to have a lot of potential and should be further developed.

I think Madagascar, Chinese Democracy and Catcher in the Rye are the only tracks that I am satisfied with, out of the new batch. I think subtle changes in Better, I.R.S., TWAT and The Blues should be pursued. The latter two lack a certain density that the other new tracks have. The former two are just rough around the edges and a little awkward in moments.

I really hope Dizzy and Chris Pitmann have an integral role in the "final touches" phase, before CD is released.

I'm interested in the views from the rest of you people. Please, speak on this (perhaps tiresome) subject.

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OK, I removed that aside.

Didn't really matter... just thought I missed something. If CITR indeed will NOT be on CD, that only means they really do have kick ass material for more than one record.

Anyway, I know what you mean about CD. It does sound better this time around for whatever reason. As for Rhiad and Silkworms... I really didn't hear much potential there at all. I think Axl needs to realize that he's not 28 anymore and using the term 'mother fucker' over and over again in a song is past his time. That aside, I really heard nothing musically other than some synth work that had any potential. I hope to hear some of that synth in other song though that are put together better.

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