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i was one of the people who bought tix for frenso and bakersfield. i took time off work to see them in fresno so i was pissed when they cancelled but i knew that with any show its a possibility. so on thursday night i called an old friend from school, this is a guy who i have telling since i was a kid about gnr, i asked him if he wanted to go to oakland to see gnr. we went down and bought tix with my refund and the seats were awesome.

once there i met fellow gnr fans and that felt good, there was an atmosphere in the arena that i cant explain, there were old fans and new fans all coming together to see gnr!

the show was awesome and i was really impressed by the new band, especially bumblefoot! axl gave a hell of a show and it was awesome!

this was my first ever gnr show and its something i will never forget, i just want to thank gnr for playing a hell of a show!

hopefully when they tour again they will come to fresno but if not i will travel once again to see them!

happy holidays everyone!

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