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  1. The last two min of monsters is incredible. Whenever I listen to it, it's so compelling to me. It brings forward emotions of nostalgia. Like most things that fit when these two shitheads get their shit together they make music that is indistinguishable from magic. Pure alchemy. Sorcery. The last two minutes of monsters is emotional sorcery.
  2. Right? All these posters in the " cd 2 tracklist" thread have it on there (as well as tracklists with zero flow or continuity) it's super cringe..
  3. Imagine hearing both songs and not only not liking them but coming here and being all " derr iTZ bAd DErp" they're both incredible and taken as a whole completely live up to the hype...like hard... So gnarly...
  4. To me it feels like the same person looking at the same abuse in different times/maturity.
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