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Guns N' Roses make headline on Billboard.com


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Axl: 'Chinese Democracy' Tentatively Due In March

Axl Rose

December 15, 2006, 10:00 AM ET

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Axl Rose has taken to Guns N' Roses' official Web site to announce a "tentative" March 6 release date for the band's eternally delayed new album, "Chinese Democracy." In the posting, Rose also revealed he has split with longtime manager Merck Mercuriadis due to disagreements over the set up for the album release.

"To say the making of this album has been an unbearably long and incomprehensible journey would be an understatement," Rose said of "Chinese Democracy," which has been in the works for more than a decade. "Overcoming the endless and seemingly insane amount of obstacles faced by all involved, notwithstanding the emotional challenges endured by everyone -- the fans, the band, our road crew and business team -- has at many times seemed like a bad dream in which one wakes up only to find that they are still in the nightmare. Unfortunately, this time it has been played out for over a decade in real life."

Rose said he only agreed to tour with GNR this fall because he believed he and Mercuriadis "were in full agreement regarding our strategy and touring plans and, most important, that any and all things needed to release the album by Dec. 26 at the latest were in place."

"Although many things went extremely well and were very exciting, there were, in our opinion, unnecessary and avoidable complications on our tour having to do with the tour routing, scheduling and album and video plans that wreaked havoc on all involved," he continued. "This was compounded by an overall sense of a lack of respect by management for the band and crew."

Rose lashed out at management for comments suggesting "Chinese Democracy" would "just appear" in record stores on a random Tuesday before the end of the year.

"It takes approximately eight weeks for an album to hit the shelves once it has been turned in to the record company," he said. "For whatever reasons, it appears that it may have been mistakenly inferred by management that this time period could be condensed to three weeks. With that being said, this is not a promise, a lie or a guarantee, but we do wish to announce a tentative release date of March 6. This is the first time we have done this publicly for this album."

In order to properly plan for the release, GNR has canceled four January shows in Sacramento, Calif., Bakersfield, Calif., Reno, Nev., and San Diego. "In the end, it's just an album, but it's one that I, the band, our record company and all involved believe and feel is a true Guns N' Roses album," Rose concluded. "Ultimately the public will decide, and regardless of the outcome, our hearts, lives and our passion has been put into this project every step of the way."

"Chinese Democracy" is the first Guns N' Roses album since the 1993 covers collection "The Spaghetti Incident." In the ensuing decade, the group has lost every original member besides Rose and burned through a reported $13 million in recording expenses.

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