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Any Coma and/or Rocket Queen Type Songs?

Vincent Vega

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Coma is the one song that I play for people who say they are not that into GNR - It is one of my personal favorites and most intense song they've ever done. I saw a similar thread one time where people were saying that it's Slash's song, which is true, but without Axl's lyrics and emotion I don't think the song goes where it was meant to. I think we can count on that similar type of lyric & emotion on a few songs off of CD

Good thread

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Do any of you think we might get some monsterous, down and dirty songs in the vein of a ''Coma'' or ''Rocket Queen'' on CD?

The main guitar riff in the song "Chinese Democracy" sounds similar to the last 2 minutes or so of "Rocket Queen" where Slash and the band are just playing without any singing.

"Coma?" maybe. But that song lasts over ten minutes. I think Sebastian Bach said there was one tune on there no ones heard yet that he couldn't get out of his head. Something about it just being a monster and amazing. It's possible.

I'm looking forward to the studio version of Chinese Democracy rock1

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I think the BIG song Bach referred to is called sorry, and that is supposed to be a long song I think...

Although it's hard to say will there be a song like RQ or coma, because there aren't really any other songs like them 2 in the GnR catelogue. So to be like them do you mean similar songs or do you mean like them in the fact that they are pretty different to anything else out there?

I don't think the fact a song is long means anything in terms of it's style. If you mean will there be any deeply intense dark songs then yes.

I wouldn't say RQ is that "monstrous" though - nowhere near coma anyway. I think you'll more likely get a coma than a roquet queen on CD though!


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