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Black Flag


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I picked this cd up a few days ago and it's been blaring in the car ever since.

It's all pre Rollins material.

The tracks feature the various vocalists who were in the band before Henry Rollins.

Keith Morris (who went on to form Circle Jerks)

Chavo (Ron Reyes)

Dez Cadena (he also plays guitar)

Bass player Chuck Dukowski sings on one track.

These tracks also feature drummers Brian Migdol and Robo.

Fuckin intense shit...if you are a Black Flag fan,it's highly recommended!

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i LOVE black flag!!!!!!! they're the fucking shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! relevant, pounding, intense!!! never heard of this album tho!!!!! i wanna see that footage you have dude, thats SOOOO unfair, you've seen every cool band ever!! (stop whining, i know) Rollins kicked ass too tho!!! Wound Up is one of my favorite songs of all time. black flag were just fucking rabid!!!

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