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Re-learning guitar

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Well, I've decided to pick up my guitar again, and this time I'm going to learn it right, and not continue on my old bad habits that did not lead to me getting any better at guitar.

Well, a problem I had last time was getting into pentatonic ruts, staying in the same box.

So this time, I'm thinking vertically, trying to work the entire neck, and see scales as not covering a small area, but the entire neck. I've watched online guitar lessons, and they advocated using a two-string-at-a-time approach, working up and down scales on only two strings, for instance one set being the E and A strings and another the A and D, etc. Using this method (as well as any other methods and exercises you may suggest), what do you find the easiest way to work up and down scales, all along the length of the neck, and staying on only two strings? I'm trying to figure out how to conduct my exercises, to build up strength, speed, and accuracy. Suggestions?

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Well I have been playing for a couple years, granted, not all that well... but still. So I do know my scales and scale shapes. That's not so much the issue.

I really didn't phrase the question very well...

Basically what I'm trying to ask is for the best/easiest way to think of it as a "Grand scale," and to transition seamlessly from one scale shape to another a couple frets up, mid-scale. If that makes sense. And I know if you think of it a a grand scale and have complete control over the entire neck, you can really bring your soloing in any direction in any combination, but I'm looking for good exercises.

I hope that made sense. It's difficult to explain what I'm asking.

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I mean, there isn't really a technique. It's all about sliding into the root tone and just going with it. There is no "do this seven times, practice this move until it's down, turn around, throw salt over your shoulder, and you've got it!" It's all just learning by doing. Pick two scales you wanna work with. Go to guitarbt.com and download a jamtrack you want to play over, and use those two shapes. When you have that down, add a third scale, then a 4th, etc.

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