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Anyone know where i can get a

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uhm... to be honest, I suggest you get ezdrummer


it's not expensive, and it's EASY to use. it has great samples aswell ;)

yeah I downloaded that... either just the demo or illegally :S i don't know, but I have never made it to install it, that's very tricky.

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i use a mac, and I record with Garageband. U can use their included drum kits for decent sounds..just need a touch of eq & reverb to make them sound better.

I've done a quick version of the Godfather for you, so you can hear what the drums are like.

I find Garageband good because u can record Midi and real instruments in the same project. Everything you hear in this song is midi except the guitar.

Best thing about it is, you don't have to draw in each drum beat. You can do a loose drum track and edit any strikes you don't like. You can delete a snare hit or move it just slightly...whatever you want. I usually do a bass drum track, a snare track, a cymbal track, a ride/hihat track, and a fills/toms track.

Godfather: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KX83WABB

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