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I know technically they don't exist, by I thought this band was pretty fuckin' sick. They may have been made up for the film Rock Star, but they wound up actually doing a few songs for the soundtrack that kick some ass. The band had Zakk Wylde on lead guitar, Dominic West on rythm guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass, Jason Bonham on drums, and Jeff Scott Soto and Michael Matijevic doubling up on vocals for the two lead singers. They made some killer-ass tunes!

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Yeah I got the soundtrack, me and some friends did Stand Up at a club once it went down well. Funnily enough it was written by Sammy Hagar. Also I think Dominic West was only on Rythm guitar in the film, I'm pretty sure he didnt record for the soundtrack.

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* Zakk Wylde - Guitarist "Ghode"

* Jeff Pilson - Bassist "Jörgen"

* Jason Bonham - Drummer "A.C."

* Jason Flemyng (Actor) - Lead singer "Bobby Beers"

* Jeff Scott Soto - Lead vocals for "Bobby Beers"

* Mark Wahlberg (Actor) - Lead singer "Chris 'Izzy' Cole"

* Michael Matijevic - Lead vocals for "Chris 'Izzy' Cole"

* Dominic West (Actor) - Guitarist "Kirk Cuddy"

That's how the line-up falls out for the band according to Wikipedia. Zakk may have done lead and rythm on the record, but you never know. Spinal Tap actually can play, so why not this guy? I have no clue, though.

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