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Toby Jepson new lead singer for Fastway


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Per www.tobyjepson.com

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Toby Jepson, ex-lead singer of the chart topping British rock band Little Angels and current solo artist has been invited to join the ranks as lead vocalist of the 2007 version of FASTWAY.

Fastway was the brainchild of ex-Motorhead Guitar legend 'Fast' Eddie Clarke who achieved huge success in the mid eighties releasing 3 albums to popular acclaim both in Europe and the US. Having had a rest from the business, Eddie has re-surfaced with fresh intent, a new line up featuring bass player John Mc Manus (ex Mamas Boys) and drummer Steve Strange, and a series of open air festival dates (listed below).

This invitation has come as a surprise to Toby and I'm sure to all of you, but never the less Toby has accepted the challenge and had the following to say about the situation: "I'm very excited to be asked to do this, I owned a copy of the first FASTWAY record and have a lot of respect for Eddie, it is a great opportunity and one I simply couldn't turn down…it will see me as part of a great band treading the stages of Europe's biggest festival this year and who know what else in the future…"

When pushed about how it will affect Tobes solo career he said: "not at all is the answer! I have had detailed discussions with the management of the FASTWAY camp and have let them know that I have a solo career in development that I have commitment to and will continue to pursue…I see this project with FASTWAY as a great second string, it allows me to work with other musicians on material that isn't mine and so stretches me as a vocalist and allows me to simply concentrate on the singing…it looks like it will be a lot of fun and I intend to enjoy it…we have already had a couple of rehearsals and it sounded great, Eddie is on top form so I think the shows will be very cool, however, the Chepstow show and the September tour is still of the highest priority for me and I cant wait to get back in the studio in July to record the next EP so all is as it should be…"

Clearly this kind of exposure can only enhance Toby's chances of regaining a foothold in the music scene so we believe it is a great step forward!

The events are as followed:

Sweden Rocks 9th June

Download Tuborg Stage 10th June

Fields of Rock Holland 16th June

Grass pop Belgium 22nd June

Wakken Open Air Germany 3rd August

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