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Blackie Lawless


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I was just thinkin the other day that blackie lawless has to be the greatest singer ever!

that man can sing like the sleaziest dirtiest bastard alive in songs like fuck like a beast, harder faster, shoot from the hip and dirty balls! yet he can still sound like the most sensitive man in the world in hold on to my heart and cries in the night! and he puts on some of the most shocking shows in the world and sounds as good live as he is on record!

still at the age of 56 he sings like man half his age! in dominator ive heard some of his best vocals yet on songs like take me up!

so any opinions?? and none of the selling soul to the devil stuff to get his voice!! lol.

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Guest Satanisk_Slakt

I love Blackie. Wasp is wonderful. I think some guys sings better, Axl is one of them, but Blackie is better then most people in stage performance!

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lol 51... 56... what's the difference! jk :)

imo blackie is a far better singer than axl! his voice has never been inconsistent (that i've heard), his voice is far stronger than axl's and he just sings with so much more power and it doesn't even seem to take him much effort!

and i've yet to come across a songwriter who can sing songs as sexually explicit and who doesn't turn me off in the slightest! lol. he pulls off the sleaze so well! any takers?? haha!

and i totally agree with the underrated part. for one thing he has written some of the catchiest tunes ever (par exampla i wanna be somebody is a song that once you've heard it it never leaves your head) and some of the best lyrics!

my favourite lyric has to be "i taste the bliss i wet the lips, and i don't care if it's wrong." lol. something about that song... ;)

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