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"The Language of Fear" by Del James

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Ive read the book about 3 or 4 times at this point. I love it. It sits on my bed-side table and I read a story every now and again when I'm bored.

What I did (and you might as well try it for yourself) - Called around a bunch of local libraries to see if they had it. Found one. Checked it out. Never returned it. Mwa ha ha.

.........I'm not allowed back.

Nice one. :D

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Don't waste your time or money - i bought a copy through a book dealer in New York a few years back for $100 knowing that the book is out of print and hard to find.Let's just say that i was less than impressed - i never even made it through the whole book.The book just felt like it was written by someone very young and without a lot of writing experience.The stories came off as something written by someone in high school.If you collect rare and hard to find GN'R related items,then it is up there with those,however,if you are buying it for the read then you can do way way better.......Just my opinion......Peace

Well, I guess the depth and creativity of his writing is a little too advanced for your attention span since you couldn't even finish the book. If you had taken the time to read the entire book, you would have recognized what an amazing and gifted writer he truly is. Del is an awesome writer. The stories are off-the-wall - no doubt about it - but definitely worth reading.

He said that he didnt finish it because he thought it was badly written, and also pointed out that this was "just his opinion". Your thoughts on the book are also just your opinion. If you leaf thru the reviews of this book on Amazon youll see there are other people who say the same. It would appear that those who rave about it are mainly GNR fans. Here's one review from amazon that concurs with derek_vinyard:

Reeking, stinking cesspool of a collection., August 22, 1998

Reviewer: A reader

Honestly speaking, this was the single worst book that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. The author neglects to provide motivation or sufficient characterization for the individuals who inhabit his stories, and he seems to have trouble maintaining a coherent timeline or plot. The stories are misogynistic - I can't think of a single positive female character - or, actually, of a single sympathetic character, period. They (the characters) fail to evoke any positive emotions, or any response other than boredom and nausea. If you appreciate the genre of horror, and specifically the short story, please, pick up Poppy Z. Brite's "Wormwood" or any of the Borderlands anthologies - you'll be saving youself both the price of shipping and a wrenching sense of disillusionment with the publishing world. (P.S. - I honestly tried to avoid the more vituperative statements - it just honestly, really, truly is that bad.)

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