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Comeback of the Year


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They have been playing each night this week on Carson Daly. The band is smokin along with his wife. I feel the album is his best project since Ritual. I hate Extreme but that guitar player is amazing. Actually the whole band is. The new Pumpkins album sounds pretty killer too. Two songs have serious Floyd sounding solos in the middle. The very metal 10 minute song United States and the 20 minute epic Gossamer (The Gossamer solos are very similar to the song Echoes by Floyd). Gossamer will hopefully be released as a b side. Good Stuff !!

PS--there is a rumer Perry will end his stint on Carson Daly by playing the classic Janes song Stop ! tonight---

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I saw them at Download. They were amazing. Caught Nunos pick :)

They started the gig with Stop, and also played Been Caught Stealing.

Yeah, they were quality. Shame 90% of the crowd were just there waiting for crue.

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Cool band/project, i was really suprised to see nuno, lol, i went to school with his nephew. Iv been meaning to buy the album for ages, i will this week when i get paid. Iv loved everythin iv heard so far, peter hook plays bass on one of the tracks as well doesnt he? I could really hear him on one.

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Fantastic and funky album! Nuno is and has always been the king of guitar and is also an amazing songwriter.

No surprise that he stands for the best track on the album, the punky but "insanely" funky "Insanity rains"

Check out Nunos work with Dramagods - the most hidden diamond in the music biz!

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