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Is Clapton losing it?


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I know some people here really don't like Clapton for whatever reason but I think he's losing his chops at times. I listen to his playing with the Bluesbreakers and that's some hot blues playing. His rendition of Hideaway is hot as well. Ever since th 80's it seems he's been losing it. A lot of his solos start out strong then slowly fade away. If you listen to some songs from the 24 Nights cd like old love, bad love his solos are beautiful, full of passion. but badge is so weak. the studio/cream song is so strong. i dont know, it's probably just me.

this solo, from 2004 i think, must've killed his fingers. maybe the older you get, the slower you get as well? what do you guys think?

por ejemplo:

at 2:24 the solo starts out strong then kind of grows weak. like a "listen while you work" song. a lot of his solos now sound like that. i've heard that his live shows are still great (i missed out on him last year) but i dont know. maybe ive grown to fond of old eric :( This song too
clapton and santana, jingo. the slide and high bend at 4:56 is orgasmic. Edited by swlabr
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