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I have to say that I never really managed to get into them, but I went to a friend's house a couple of hours ago and he played the album Party Animals, which I have to admit is a really kick-ass album - the song "If You See Kaye (Tell Her I L-O-V-E Her)" really stood out.

And here I am, after a couple of hours, downloading their discography.

For all of you pussy-rock fans who like White Lion, Poison and crap like that, and excuse yourselves with "it's great party music" - I advise you to take a look at Turbonegro: that is real party music.

EDIT: Woops, wrong section. Can a mod please move it to My World?

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Their new album was nothing more than decent, but I love their earlier stuff. Ass Cobra, Apocalypse Dudes, Scandinavian Leather and Party Animals was pretty good aswell. I've seen them a couple of times live, they absolutley rock!

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I was a member in Turbojugend a couple of years ago.. Im not that fan I used to be, they are still insane good live,

but I don't listen to their records as much as I used to.

On my last Turbonegro concert I got Hanks towle, and they played I Morgen Skal Eg Daue! :D

You should try to see them in a clubconcert, not at some lameass top20 show where they probably

will be the only ones to not use playback.

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Guest knerken

I'm a proud member of Turbojugend Onsøy :D

Turbonegro is among my favourite bands, and I actually think Retox was pretty good. The first single "Do You Dig Destruction" sucks, but the rest of the album is very good.

Apocalypse Dudes is the best record ever made.

I'm going to Rådhusplassen on friday too.

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Turbonegro are awesome! :shades:

Love the whole Party Animals album, Blow me (like the wind) is great :D

"If I gave you a turn on

Would you raise my antenna

If i gave you a dime

Would you blow my paradigm

If I gave you my candle

Would it be too hot to handle

If I ran for election

Would you support my erection"

Some of the greatest lyrics ever :rofl-lol:

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Yeah, I kinda like the new album. The more you listen to it the more you like it.

First song, We're Gonna Drop The Atom Bomb kicks major ass untill the chorus starts, which ruins the song.

At first I really hated Do You Dig Destrction, now I kinda like it. Some parts of some songs I really enjoy,

like in Stroke The Shaft, when Hank sings "Do you remember too fast for love." A couple of riffs, but all in all

this record it much more heavier than the last ones.

But my favourite album of Turbo is still Apocalypse Dudes, followed by Ass Cobra, then Scandinavian Leather,

Never is Forever and Party Animals is equal. The same is Retox and Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives.

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