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New Smashing Pumpkins song released on iTunes today

Estranged Reality

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I think it should be okay to post a link since it's being released to the public so everybody can hear it. Unlike "some people," Corgan understands the importance of word of mouth to help hype an album:


Not as explosive as Tarantula, but damn good. This album is shaping up to be impressive. One thing that's struck me about these new songs are how good Corgan's vocals are compared to usual. Not quite as whiny, and more experimental in certain areas.

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The chorus of She Builds Quick Machines suddenly sounds a lot less contrived after hearing this song.

Please don't stop, It's lonely at the top

These lonely days, will they ever stop

This doomsday clock, tickin' in my eye(?)

These lonely days, will they ever stop

right, night, spotlight > stop, top and clock ;)

I like the guitar and drums on this track. Corgan's singing still kinda shits me, though.

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His singing was best on Gish (IMHO their masterpiece.) Wait til your hear the new 10 minute song United States. Think Silverf*ck from Siamese Dream. I have heard this song live now from a couple of the new shows. Go to pumpkins.net music to hear !!! (there are about 6 or 7 of the new songs live there)

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Looks like Pumpkins.net took down the music. They had about 30 shows from 1989 (the 1st) til now. They had 3 of the new shows including the first 3 hour show and the Rock AM ring broadcast. They also had a live radio broadcast of a song called Spilled Milk by Zwan. This song was never oficially released but it it really heavy and reminds me of the early 90's Pumpkins. Sounds nothing like the Zwan album cuts. Very metal sounding---

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