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Arena Rock


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for those who don't know what this is,I'll quote from wikipedia

"While many groups performed in massive venues while on tour, the term "arena rock" usually refers to 1970s and 1980s hard rock groups that occupied a middle ground between the heavy metal sound and the softer adult oriented sounds of country rock and the singer-songwriters of the decade. Bands such as Cheap Trick, Heart, Boston, Foreigner, Journey, Kansas, Queen, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Survivor, and performers such as Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, Eddie Money and Peter Frampton directed their appeal to a young white American audience who favored bombastic, anthemic rock."

So who else is a fan of this kind of music.I have to say that Bryan Adams is my favorite from this list ,but Foreigner and Journey are also good.

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Queen, Cheap Trick, Kansas and Peter Frampton...all good bands. I don't really like the label 'arena rock', mostly due to "the style of music is closely associated with 'corporate rock'", and corporate rock being "particularly music from arena rock bands, which are alleged to be purely commercial, formulaic, or lacking in creativity or authenticity.". Which I don't think is really fair at all on those bands.

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