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guitar body crack.

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it's in the area where the neck meets the body kind of. it's a double cutaway guitar and it's on the inner area of the cuts. i also don't know if its normal but if i pull the neck back and play an open note, for example, the note bends o.o i'm kind of freaked cuz it's my friends guitar and he has mine. so i don't want him to think i fucked it up cuz i dont know if im too blame (he lent it to me pretty beat up.) anyway, what might be the cause of those cracks...

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So it's not exactly on the neck joint?

And what do you mean by "pull the neck back?" Are you giving it a really good pull, or just a slight one? (Like doing a neck bend)

From what you've said, I don't think it's so severe. If the crack is inside the cutaway and not on the actual joint itself, you should be fine. Also, are you sure it's a crack? Like, the wood itself is cracked? That can be severe, but as long as it's in a thicker part of the body, you should be fine.

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sorry attempt at paint:


the "crack" is where the red line is. it's like the beginning stages of crack. it's not deep at all but you can feel it if your rub your fingers over it. i don't think its effects my playing at all really. it's more of a cosmetic problem since the guitars not mine. i just really wanna know the possible cause :unsure: and it's on both cutaways.

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Oh. That's not too good, but it's not the end of the world.

Did the guitar ever fall over or get knocked around?

It shouldn't cause any major problems as long as you don't try bending the neck.

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