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The best Beatles covers.


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Im just listening to Within You Without You-Oasis from the Sgt Pepper 40th Anniversary thing, and man its amazing. Really worth checking out. What are some other good beatles covers? Being an Oasis freak, I have Helter Skelter, Im Only Sleeping, I Am The Walrus and a few other songs they covered, which are also good.

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Elvis did great versions of "Yesterday" and "Something", and he also had a really cool live medley of "Little Sister/Get Back". He also did "Hey Jude" in the studio as kind of a lark, then 3 years later RCA added back up singers to it and released it on an album and it really pissed Elvis off, because he didn't perform it with the intention of it ever seeing the light of day. Also, there is a snippet that lasts almost a minute of Elvis in the studio in 1970 where he and his band break into "Lady Madonna" . I WISH he had done that song for real because from the small segment they did you could tell it would have been awesome. I'm at work now, but if I find that "Lady Madonna" anywhere I'll post it up here.

Also, I've always dug Motley Crue's version of "Helter Skelter". They made it sound very menacing.

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Since when did you become a Beatles fan? A couple of months ago you didn't even recognize John Lennon.

Since I was 10. It was the first rock band I started to like

And it was pretty obvious that was a joke :lol:

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Dear Prudence....Siouxie and the Banshees

I've always enjoyed that version.

Ah I totally agree.

I think I even prefer it to the original.

Really like Paul Westerberg's cover of "Nowhere Man" too.

Talking about shit covers, I really didn't like the Damned's cover of "Help" which disappointed me because the idea of them covering it sounded awesome.

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I don't know who made it, but I saw an amazing cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps on youtube a couple of weeks ago.

Jeff Healey does an amazing version of that song...even more amazing is his guitar playing on it.

For those who don't know....he's blind.

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