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  1. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    I love EA's 'Skate' and Im almost finished with it. I just read that 'Skate 2' is already in the making! Anyone got more info on this? http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/sports/ska...itle/index.html
  2. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    I've read good reviews but I also heard it's a lot of walking around and dull time....
  3. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    I think you need to be a little bit more specific about what you like, but here's a good start.... http://www.gamespot.com/games.html?type=to...page_type=games http://pc.ign.com/index/choice.html
  4. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    When I say CODIII is the best multiplayer game, then I mean to play 4 on 4 (systemlink) or 4 people online on a big screen tv along with soem beer and pizza... It's a shame they don't make more 4-player games.. or have I missed any great ones? Are you talking about GRAW2? We actaully tried that for about 30min before we returned it. Im also very disappointed at "Gears of War". It's really beyond my how that game can be so popular, same scenario over and over again.
  5. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Anyone tried "Resident Evil 4" for Wii yet? Im reading great reviews and the gameplay videos looks cool. "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" for Xbox360 should be good. CODIII is by far the best multiplayer game for 360 today.
  6. Rumored Album Release Dates

    I'll throw in my 2 cents... Glenn - First week of September, 2007 HMV - Third week of September, 2007 Jack99 - Fourth week of September, 2007
  7. Rumored Album Release Dates

    Sorry, this is not a credible source. Please PM a moderator if you receive further information on this. *LOCKED*
  8. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    Some friends and I usually play 4 players on a big screen. Are there any good games out there or upcoming with 4 player mode (not co-op)? Like "Call of Duty 3". Tried "Far Cry" and "GRAW2" but they're no way near as fun as COD3...
  9. The Tentative Release Date of March 6th

    Allen, it wasn't funny the first time....
  10. Super Bowl??

    Show's over folks... If you want to continue talking about the Super Bowl final or halftime performance, please start a new thread in 'Anything Goes' Section. *Locked*
  11. Super Bowl??

    Spend $2.5 million for a 30sec ad and reach out to a couple of US couch potatoes who have no interest in GN'R? Yes, I know the number of viewers, but I think the PR team have to think a bit smarter and more global than that.
  12. Super Bowl??

    Very true, ER. In case anyone missed it, Prince will headline the halftime show this year.... It seems extremely hard to understnad for some people...
  13. The Tentative Release Date of March 6th

    *Merged another whining thread* In case someone forgot what the man actually said....
  14. Merck Says Brain Still In The Band

    I wouldn't worry too much about that. It's obvious that they don't care about updating their official website so I doubt they have a different priority on their MySpace. Brain is in the band but currently at home with his wife and kids, what is there to discuss?
  15. GNR on MTV News

    A watched VH1 the other day and a show called 'All Access: Awesomely Ridiculous Celeb Moments' which featured the Axl vs. Tommy fight. There were some pretty funny comments from the people interviewed about it. Anyone got a clip of this??