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  1. He never listens to me

    Sweet, cheers for posting. I've got it all to come tomorrow.

    So a 4.30am-5am start for us UK folk, I can deal with that! Oh, hello forum, it's been a while.
  3. Dedicate a song to a forum member!

    Pretty awesome actually. Bring on Gold Cobra!
  4. Who will have the last ever post on MYGNR?

    Google. Or maybe MSN/Bing. Yahoo maybe?
  5. And in the end...

    Ah yes, buying houses and having responsibility. I now own 2, both I rent out to Polish tenants. Not that having Polish tenants is anything to single out. But yeah, growing up is a real deal. Yes, I'm 30 now, I don't feel it, and you wont when you get there either. In my head I'm still 26 and still trying to muddle my way through shit. But now I'm living in the big city, having to work 5 times as hard as I have for the last 5 years, in a new town, a new place, with no friends around, it's tough. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
  6. You can be what you want, when you want on an Internet forum. How will you cope without your limitless alter-ego? You can't be hit and you can't be physically intimidated. You can be verbally hurt, but from your preferred method of Internet browsery, you are king at your disposal. It's amusing, speaking from experience obviously, what we are here isn't necessarily what we are in real life. Is this your escape? How will you now inflict your cyber personality on the world?
  7. And in the end...

    How do you know I like Talisker? That's actually my favourite. In all seriousness, I've had many-a-premonition of starting a "catch up" thread with you, like an open conversation talking random shit where anything went, and I'm sad I never did it. I guess this is quite like that. Oh and I've put the carving knife back. For now.
  8. And in the end...

    You went and left me?! I'm gonna hunt you down like the lame dog you are. You hear me?!?!!
  9. And in the end...

    and to the forever promise that we'll enjoy a whiskey together by the light of Central Station. Or the red lights of the near-by windows. Wherever. The night is young, and so are we.
  10. And in the end...

    I see the 60 second rule still applies to this site. Grrr. Ah yes, I over-looked the notion that we were once friends on Facebook... the old memory's not what it was, y'know. Too many whiskey chasers. Getting old now bro. Falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm is clearly the way forward.
  11. Happy Birthday Leigh-Rok!

    Ah Ronny, I'll keep you here a bit longer. Where's all the other bros at? And why am I speaking like an American?
  12. And in the end...

    Hey Ron Bon Jovi, Shit man, it's been a while. Both personally and professionally. I feel sad that I've been away for so long and neglected the only forum in the world I have ever posted consistently on. My only other forum is Spurscommunity, a Tottenham Hotspur fan site, and I only lurk there, seeking inside information but never posting. Mygnr is what I would call my Forum home. So when you say it's time, y'know what, it's time. Thanks for the FB ad, dude. 'Bout fuckin' time!
  13. Happy Birthday Leigh-Rok!

    The forum's still here, interesting.
  14. Happy Birthday Leigh-Rok!

    from January! Yay, go me! 2 Birthdays!!
  15. Who will have the last ever post on MYGNR?

    Shit, this should all be rubble by now. OR this is the biggest work in forum history.