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  1. So I know that's their set-time... But have they been hitting their set-times this tour? (sorry been a long time since I was following...)
  2. When have they been hitting the stage on this tour??
  3. lol good to see that you're still around! Hope we can all party again soon like it's 2010 hahah
  4. HEY PEOPLE!! I live in North Hollywood and would love to have people over before the show, that way we can share Ubers and stuff to the stadium and save the bar-money on more drinks at the show! Is anyone here in the valley or is everyone leaving from Hollywood or DTLA? If so, I would also be down to meet up with you guys at a bar before . PM me if interested! EDIT: This is my Facebook profile for anyone wondering if I'm a crazy person, trying to lure you in with rare Pokemons --
  5. Hey!

    Did you have something planned for tomorrow? Some pre-drinks somewhere? :axl:

    1. Revolver


      Hey! I didn't seem to get any reaction, but where are you staying? I'm in North Hollywood and would love to have people over for drinks before we'd head out -- Cheaper than a bar (more money to spend on drinks at the stadium) and we could share an Uber there or something.


      I'll post something like this to the thread

    2. .Seal


      We are at a friends place in Santa Monica, heading to Hollywood soonish

    3. Revolver


      Already? Well, I'll be around a little later, but I'll shoot you a PM if I go to Hollywood first ;)

  6. So is anyone down to meet up at some bar for drinks beforehand? Maybe hang out at the Melody Lounge or if someone on here lives nearby could maybe host little shingaling-something?
  7. I´m going to be there! -- Any word on a pre-party? :-)
  8. Wait, was it already a known thing that they have 'Slither' and 'Sorry' as alternatives...???
  9. Where is the stream??
  10. Why? Would we just stay there the whole week or fly back in between?It's just an idea I've been thinking about which is why I didn't ask you yet. Also I'd only do it if they don't do any shows beforehand, and because I think there could be a decent chance of a slightly different set that weekend, who knows.Staying in/around LA would be awesome, but I think flying back the second weekend would be the cheaper option. Again, not anything I've greatly looked into, just a thought. Weeell... I live in LA now so if you have camping gear anyway you could camp out in my yard (a friend who's coming from Iceland for Coachella is taking the couch) but I'd of course have to talk to my roommate about it --PM me! I did a post way back in 2010 on this forum (back when I actually used to be active) to get places to crash for their Canadian tour and was treated with such respect that made the trip so unbelievably awesome that it made it into Axl's infamous Madison-speech lol --it's the least I could do for this forum PS. Cool to see the people with weekend 2 passes but anyone thinking weekend 2 is more "chill"... heh, they sold out the first weekend before even announcing the line up and second weekend sold out it under 20 minutes. Did weekend 2 last year and it was pretty much insane. LOVED IT.
  11. I'm going to weekend 2 -- everybody here has passes to weekend 1 or is anyone joining me?