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  1. Weeell... I live in LA now so if you have camping gear anyway you could camp out in my yard (a friend who's coming from Iceland for Coachella is taking the couch) but I'd of course have to talk to my roommate about it --PM me! I did a post way back in 2010 on this forum (back when I actually used to be active) to get places to crash for their Canadian tour and was treated with such respect that made the trip so unbelievably awesome that it made it into Axl's infamous Madison-speech lol --it's the least I could do for this forum PS. Cool to see the people with weekend 2 passes but anyone thinking weekend 2 is more "chill"... heh, they sold out the first weekend before even announcing the line up and second weekend sold out it under 20 minutes. Did weekend 2 last year and it was pretty much insane. LOVED IT.
  2. I'm going to weekend 2 -- everybody here has passes to weekend 1 or is anyone joining me?
  3. Has anyone ever been to Axl's house?

    Now that I live in LA, I went to this Malibu party at his neighbor's house three weeks ago. It was like a drug lord's castle and even though they were Axl's neighbors, there was no way of seeing anything because both they and Axl had this massive land around the house. Could've driven a little further to see his gate, I guess. But I decided not to be creepy like that hahah
  4. Does Going Down has potential to be a hit?

    you guys keep saying that people won't care if Axl is not on vocals etc etc.. but I actually think that could be something that'll get people talking about it, like you see on those reviews: "Can you imagine that? Axl Rose on backing vocals!" as if he's never done that before. Sure, people will talk shit and say they're releasing this because Axl can't sing anymore and such, but it could very well get people talking again and THEN release something with the signature Axl vocals So many people despise Axl so I think they'd rather give this a chance then something with Axl on lead
  5. Little bit of extra info about the new tracks

    so is it confirmed that Blood in the Water is the actual song? not just some fanmade mix from the sample that was out there?
  6. To Those Who Workout/Jog, Which GNR Songs Do You Use A Lot?

    It's so Easy and Nightrain (Live Era version) are the only guns songs on my "gym-playlist"... but if I'm in a particular mood for Guns music while working out I just start with It's so Easy on Appetite and let it roll from there or skip Since I don't have you on TSI the Chinese and UYI stuff has too many layers for ipod earphones for my taste =P
  7. reading the comment section of this article really takes you back..
  8. Has a film ever been done about a script?

    A well known editor tried this method when she started out directing.. it didn't work out very well, the stories were unfocused and flat. She did two films like that after editing masterpieces such as 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
  9. Chinese Democracy, and The Phantom Menace

    Attack of the Clones is a far worse movie than Phantom.. Phantom actually has enjoyable scenes and is just more like 'a children's Star Wars' where Revenge is like a child trying to be serious.. Attack is just pure shit. Think nothing of it. back to Chinese, it's similar being the one that followed the legacy many years later and failed to live up to expectations, but the songs on it are no children games, some of which tend to be pretty magnificent. Doubt "the next one" will be better than Chinese.. but hopefully more popular! by the way, haven't been checking out the news section for awhile, are people still expecting a new record? is there anything that suggests it? -a simple 'yes' or 'no' will do, if yes, I can research myself =)
  10. Austin City Limits Meetup?

    Anyone going to the Austin City Limits Festival in Texas two weeks from now?? well, I am.. if anyone else is going it might be cool to meet up
  11. Song you'd like Slash, Myles & The Conspirators play live

    I don't feel Myles would be right for songs like 'You Could Be Mine' or 'Big Machine' =/ but Don't Cry would certainly be nice to hear, 'Neither Can I' also, agree on that
  12. Why do you support New GNR as Guns N' Roses?

    I love what they have released and I'd like them to release more.. therefore, I support this band. Oh, and it's called 'Guns N' Roses' so I support them as such, just as I would if they called themselves 'Twinkleberries' It's not the same GN'R we had years ago, but another form of it.. I am glad they kept the name because if they hadn't, then my favorite band wouldn't exist anymore and I don't know how I'd feel about that. But it does! it may be different but it's still very good even though it's frustrating seeing no new music on the horizon
  13. Austin (Texas) City Limits Festical

    I bought tickets from Stubhub.. mainly because creating my account at that other site didn't work but yeah I'm looking forward to this! my brother's wedding is in Austin just the week after so I decided to make the most of my trip
  14. so the festival sold out in minutes due to other ticket-sites buying thousands of tickets.. but now I'm trying to figure out which one is legit Stubhub.. http://www.stubhub.com/austin-city-limits-festival-tickets/ they seem real, but so does everything else.. any experience with 'StubHub'? TicketCity.. http://www.ticketcity.com/concert-tickets/festival-show/austin-city-limits-tickets.html.. any experience with TicketCity? Any other site you recommend that's selling overpriced tickets? Also, is there anyone going to this festival from here? -http://www.aclfestival.com/
  15. Future of Slash

    rock out his own thing through this year but VR before a new album