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  1. Dime de lo que presumes y te diré de lo que careces

  2. Where have I said it was incorrect? Lmao
  3. It would not have been a synecdoche, but it would have articulated your point much more effectively because there would have been no doubt that you were referring to my peers and not to me. Does that make sense? Be honest.
  4. It was used in a film entitled Tombstone. What I don't understand is why you don't know how to use synecdoches properly.
  5. Yeah, Tombstone is great. Doesn't change anything.
  6. Using a synecdoche just didn't communicate your point effectively. Move on.
  7. It was funny and made perfect sense! Very well articulated
  8. I didn't articulate my point all that well. What I meant to say is "why doesn't it matter what I believe?" tbh I wish you had used that considerable degree of attention on your first post regarding my initial comment.
  9. Says who? Why did you edit your post?
  10. Lol tone policing ? But yeah, I already explained why I felt your supposed synecdcoche (ex pos facto) wasn't the best option. It did not articulate your point well. Look at the comment again. The first sentence focuses on "you", then you use "they" which led me to believe that you were first addressing me and then my peers. Don't pretend you don't see that.
  11. You're still reaching. Using "you" as a synecdoche did not articulate your point well, imo. Honestly, it does not look like that was your original intention at all, imo. Yeah, my English is not as good as yours but it is my third language.
  12. Estos anglosajones se jactan de su monolingüismo excepcional. Es la rehostia.

  13. Lol, you're reaching. If you had been articulate from the beginning, this wouldn't have happened. Maybe you weren't using it as a synecdoche originally and were referring to me. And, maybe, just maybe, you changed your tune after I first responded because you realised you had no reason to assume my stance on the issue. Yep.
  14. Well, the mods did have to delete it. You're right. At the end of the paragraph you were using "they", why didn't you keep using your synecdoche? You realised it was much more clear to use "they"
  15. Only to me? Because I was the only one that responded to it? That is because it was addressed to me. Why would anyone else express the fact that it is unclear? Also, instead of using "you" in that original comment, it would have been much more articulate of you to have used "they" since you are indeed referring to other students. Would have spared you that little tantrum that you threw, thanks to the mods for cleaning that up, btw.