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  1. Have you guys been discussing whether or not GN'R will stream their shows? Such as the Coachella? I think we might have a clue right here, on a screenshot of the tweet Axl sent out January 5th. If you put on your Sherlock Holmes monocles, you will see an antenna among the emojies! That must mean a streaming of the show, no?
  2. "long Time"

    But wasn't there a "without you" whispered in the intro of Prostitute?
  3. Well obviously Axl's Gran Torino! On topic: They both rock. Slash's solo is inspiring, and 4tus' solo just rocks!
  4. Rate Chinese

    10/10. Each song with a lot to relate to, combined with genious lyrics filled with emotional vocals, woven amazingly to the instruments.
  5. I think that some lines in most of the songs could be directed against Slash, but then again, that's how Axl writes his lyrics, in a way that you could relate them in most cases. I guess that's why I liked CD so much. For instance, I think that the outro of SOD screams Slash: "What this means to me is more than I know you belive what I thought of you know, has caused more than it should for me what I thought was true befor were lies I couldn't see what I thought was beautiful, is only memories". And Sorry, obviously, is a solid candidate, where for me, Axl describes how he percieved the breaking of GN'R. Edit: Oh yeah, and Madagascar! Even the title of the song tells a lot how Axl felt. Madagascar, once a part of the mainland, but broke lose, and drifted so far away, no longer a part of the mainland.
  6. BBF Interview With IndiaToday

    So I guess he's out unless something really interesting happens...
  7. This is just fucking amazing

    Nobody is like Axl! Amazing! Goosebumps!
  8. Wasn't Guns N' Roses in a scene in a movie? It was a funeral scene, and they just stood in the background, right?
  9. This or That - GNR

    Breakdown. There Was A Time or Catcher In The Rye?
  10. Locomotive Title

  11. If you could be an animal, what you would be?

    A swan. The biggest in the duck family. Among the biggest flying birds. The most beautiful of them. A mate for the rest of the 20-25 years of a swans life. Migrate to the south in the winter, and return to the north in the summer!
  12. Awesome that Chloe got a part of this! That's really fair! Evader is simply amazing!