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  1. Do you think there is a chance they add more dates in Europe, even with the tight schedule?
  2. Real nice!
  3. The Prostitute whisper could also be "Without you", which would actually make some sense. Just think about the short story with the same name. And also, "without you" gives the next line some more meaning: "Without you... Seems like forever, and a day". Also I found the throat cleaning in Sorry funny - I'd like to see if Axl is aware of that, considering how detail oriented he is
  4. More like Jimmy Fallon (It's him, right?) https://youtu.be/CLYfKmDS04s?t=28
  5. Apparantly Jude Law appeared there on may 26th, but the interview wasn't uploaded to YouTube until yesterday. We might have to wait a couple of days until Axl airs.
  6. November Rain intro got some cheers at least
  7. Alright, it's just not my internet connection?
  8. Axl's best performance since the 90's?