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  1. For me November rain sounds terrible the way that Axl has been singing it with no rasp. Also, at the concert I was at I didn't really enjoy KOHD.. I wish they would shorten it and do the UYI version.. and I love RQ but I don't like the long band jam in the middle.
  2. Hopefully it's not freezing cold and raining all night like AC/DC last year!
  3. I'll be there as well! I thought when I went to Seattle in August that would be my last chance to see them... glad I was wrong!
  4. I'm also coming from Edmonton to see the show! But we drove to Kelowna today and are flying in from there 6am on Friday as well... Gonna be a long day!
  5. It's depressing me how many seats are still available for this show. I really wanted it to be sold out or close to at least. Also.. I'm not from Seattle but will be staying at the Sheraton hotel downtown... does anyone from Seattle know if that hotel will be walking distance to the stadium? On google maps it looks relatively close.