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  1. My photoshop skills are somewhat lacking. I'd feel pretty comfortable getting help from a good fan, who's got some photoshop chops. PM me or something and i'll send you basically what I want, it's not to crazy complex. Cheers
  2. My thoughts exactly, I remember it all starting at those little club gigs. Evolving to Hall sized (Made in Stoke) To Larger venues. And now being able to successfully tour arenas. Kudos to all of them. They played their cards right.
  3. I can only presume so. Looking back i'd say those numbers sound about right.
  4. You're not far off. I worked the Slash shift in Manchester, 9,500 sold with 10,000 expected. First thing that hit me when I walked in is that Slash sold SIGNIFICANTLY more than Axl did on the 2012 run.
  5. The damage is done. It's irreversible.
  6. Now I'm on the fence about Ron, what about you guys? Have you considered it could be a huge issue for him and that he needs time to mull it over? Or he's simply being bitter and wants to fuck with fans before he fucks off?
  7. You're a good man Silent Jay...a damn good man.
  8. I care not for Asking Alexandria....but is the use of "fags" really necessary?
  9. Mate you're fucking mental, that performance is no where near as bad as you're making it out to be, stop getting your bollocks in a twist.
  10. Cheers dude! I only did that part because I couldn't play Bucket's....but it ended up sounding more like Slash anyways....I think!