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  1. Actually a great mix and decent performances all round.
  2. Because it's real tough when people of power need a classroom again. It's a fully fledged publication that directly demonstrates a lack of intellect.....
  3. Just reading through.............'Hope and me' is such low grade English. It's 'Hope and I'. It's talking in first person. 'I' is being used in all the other sentences. degenerate
  4. I mean all this tells me is that they didn't watch the edit back. Which speaks volumes.
  5. Why do the audio levels fluctuate so much? In Out Ta Get me the song literally doubles in volume half way through. I'll say it again, all this effort, all that production, all that artistry, to be NULLIFIED at the final hurdle due to AWFUL post-editing work....and then they click upload. Crap.
  6. Dude your autism is flying out so hard right now. The world has moved on from Appetite sonics, Aerosmith only a few years later with their 90s sound did the same stylistic application of compression of bass, it's literally the 'modern' production sound we all know today. You are silly and you type a lot of nothing.
  7. My guy, this more of a quality mix that 90% of GN'R-live footage releases. Your nitpicks fucking ASTOUND me. Best pro shot? Rock Am Ring. Guess what? EXACT SAME PRODUCTION MENTHODS. Big ol' bass frequencies. You should be LUCKY there's more mixes of Guns out there like that. 'Also, the bass is overpowering, and it's NOT supposed to do that.' You are a moron that hasn't been around for music in the past 20 years. West Coast G Funk wants to punch you in the face.
  8. The side-chain compression use on the band is used pretty fucking well here, Duff sounds thick and fat, exactly what a bass should be doing, the guitars are present and clearly audible, and a weak Axl Rose cuts through with enough definition that you can get with what he's doing. People like YOU make ME chuckle!
  9. You could absolutely get away with it. Any issues? Go back to the recordings and pan em more so people like you don't have a meltdown
  10. This was soundboard in - Mixed - Then compressed. Literally the 3 stages a propper pro shot goes through. Just because you prefer Metallica's mixing quality better doesn't deter from the fact that this was a AAA production, you can even here the automation levelling of Axl's vocals mid lines to make his (very weak) lines audible. Long story short, the compression and automation worked MIRACLES here. Thanks for ur wicked input 'METALLICA SOUNDS BETTER'.....ok?....
  11. This is mixed FAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR better than the last pro shot. Slither was good, RQ not so much on Ax's part
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