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  1. Actually a great mix and decent performances all round.
  2. Because it's real tough when people of power need a classroom again. It's a fully fledged publication that directly demonstrates a lack of intellect.....
  3. Just reading through.............'Hope and me' is such low grade English. It's 'Hope and I'. It's talking in first person. 'I' is being used in all the other sentences. degenerate
  4. I mean all this tells me is that they didn't watch the edit back. Which speaks volumes.
  5. Why do the audio levels fluctuate so much? In Out Ta Get me the song literally doubles in volume half way through. I'll say it again, all this effort, all that production, all that artistry, to be NULLIFIED at the final hurdle due to AWFUL post-editing work....and then they click upload. Crap.
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