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  1. Ex nirvana man

    How long ago did he say this? i dont know much sweet 75 but loved his other band Eyes adrift..and i Support ANYTHING that gets krist back playing music again regularly and touring...i wish he stayed with flipper!
  2. If you could pick only one superhero movie this summer

    without a doubt Batman, never been a huge superhero fan (liked the old christopher reeve superman movies tho) BUT been a massive batman fan for as long as i can remember, even went to that batman live tour last year (which was awsum) ill be at "The Dark Knight Rises" On Opening Night for sure!
  3. Marc Canter interview

    When i read this i was actually quite suprised at how pro-Axl he is and how many times he seems to have a dig/bash slash
  4. Recent downtime due to account suspended

    Thank God, I Thought It was Just Me...Thanks Eric, Totally appreciate what You Do So That us Mad Guns Addicts Can All Bitch and Moan About every Aspect Of The Band ;-) .....Seriously Though Thanks Ddude, When I next Get paid ill Donate some Moeny For Sure
  5. Just listened to Lollipop opera..at first i was like WTF is this....but its Sooooooooo good, really catchy ..singing it right now haha, man tomorrows record store day is it? F**K..thought it was another week at least. need to get that PIL Viynal and also misfits,eddie vedder and c ouple others....bad news i think i may be out which sucks, i missed out on the nirvana one last year..its always on a day im super busy which sucks...still gonna try and grab the PIL one tho and hopefully get lydon to sign it, you wouldnt happen to have good quality MP3 rips of one drop and lollipop opera wud ya..i need to add them to my kick ass PIL playlist!
  6. MATE...World Destruction..>One Of My All Time Fave Lydon Songs!!!!!..sooo godman catchy...were in a timezone!!! man singing it already haha, and aweosme i will check out those songs and ggive the enw one a listen now
  7. The Rabbit Song!...Yeah man..Fuckin legendary aint it, i know it off by heart..i showed my mate it the other week in his car and was rapping (which is how i would describe it) along with it...i love the way he says: Rabbit..AVE IT! , when i saw them they came out to that song over the PA, id love him to play it live tho, and he actually played the song "Psychopath" live from his solo album...which i love, closestt hing to a ballad really...but so heart felt, love his singing on it, and SUN is great he did both sun (ithe IDIOT DANCE..Lemme Dance) and Open Up aswell last times i saw them....man i frickin LOVE Lydon, what PIL songs wud ya recommend that i dont know? like more obscure ones, and i dont mind some later PIL, im not so big on tracks like Warrior..BUT Love Seattle, The Body, Dont Ask Me etc all very catchy!...what song are you referring to when you say lollipop opera? do you mean One Drop?
  8. HA...legend!..thats quality, i could consider myself being very happy if lydon insulted me, and USLS1..its alright not bad, truthfully ii dont like the later PIL as much as the first few albums ...gotta say tho.(Tie Me To The length of That is One of my ALl time FAVE Pil songs)...but thats cos to me songs like: Anna lisa and Religion are f**kin faultless! loving what ive heard of the new material tho, you ever check out lydons solo album? what ya think
  9. Guns N Roses the movie??

    HAHA!...Daniel Day Lewis for axl?
  10. Ive seen PIL twice since they reformed..i was at the VERY FIRST of the comeback shows in birmingham and it was BRILLIANT, Lydons vocal ability floored me, i saw the pistols in birmingham and loved it but the PIL shows were imense, and the enw song"One Drop" is really what i was hoping form this comeback, very bass driven at the beginning and showing off lydons Regga Influences, GREAT comeback track, after the PIL birmingham gig i met john, we waited and he was really cool he came out of his tour bus in a dressing gown with wet hair in the middle of a FREEZING winter night and signed my ticket stub, my PIL First edition album cover and My Nevermind The Bollocks album cover, he was soo down to earth and approachable, signed every item everyobody had and waited until everyone got his autograph before going back into the bus, such a top bloke, LEGEND!
  11. Axl Apologizes to Cleveland but Stands Firm!

    Sounds Like a Well Thought out letter, good to see Axl making contact on a regular basis and explaining things from his POV, Id have loved to known if he has seen any footage though, and what he thought of the performance
  12. So I was Listening To TSI Again and EVERYTIME I Play This Album I Always Come To The Sam Conclusion...It F**king Rocks!, So Whats The Reasons This Album Is Always Voted As One Of The Worst Rock Albums, Its Always On Those Lists and I Just Cant Figure It Out. Other Than The Fact People Were Dissapointed They Didnt Get a New Album of Completely New GNR Material And They Had To Make Do With a Cover's Album whats The Big Flaw here? In My Opinion I Think The Songs They Picked To Cover Were Great, a Damn Fine Mix Of Artists To Cover In : The Damned,UK Subs, T-Rex,Johnny Thundrs,Soundgarden,Misfits Etc So Why Is This Album ALWAYS Bashed?
  13. New FULL band picture posted online

    LOVE this pic!...noticed it earlier in an article kat tweeted, i tweeted her back asking for more pics like this...really great to see them all together in one pic AS a band!
  14. Axl Rose not attending HOF

    Wouldnt that letter have more credibilllity if he got his facts right, November rain was not released in 1986!..unless ive REALLY got my stuff wrong ;-)
  15. Axl Rose not attending HOF

    I LOVE the current band! seen them 8 times and going to multiple dates on the upcoming UK tour, only thing that makes axl's praise of the current band hard to swallow is..HE HATES the old line up so much yet he promoted and had multiple band pics with the old guys and this is meant to be a band he seemingly cant stand, where as hes always saying how he wants to concentrate on the current line up but we still have not EVER had a professionally done group photo (for a magazine/album booklet) in which to show the world "Were a band" and he begrudgingly releases music by the line up hes with, ..so kidna makes all his points on current guns seem redundant, which is a shame as i think this band has so much potential