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  1. So we just got Back from Belgium and I gotta say the band kick ass man,it's so easy was powerful as always, jungle was brilliant, dtj really cool,yesterdays amazing also to make a correction on the set list as an intro to don't cry was not some Melissa stuff it was slash and Richard that play wild horses from the stones almost like in the 1992 tour,coma made my lungs jump out from my body,nightrain I was thinking with that horns sound a train is going to crash the stage ,also many planes fly so low just above the stage,slash also was using his classic only women bleed as an intro to kohd,and when the rain starts I saw axl,slash,duff,Richard very wet and soaked but they didn't give a fuck,axl Aldo he did not speak with the crowd pretty often it was all the time smiling Those are my memories! Next round NIJMEGEN!
  2. So here there is no golden circle early entry right?
  3. Fransad today i finish work at 15 pm PM me with your phone nummer if you want so we can make The plans for tommorrow!
  4. Thanks for this great news Fransad ,you will drive back to Holland right back after concert? We should hang around...for sure!
  5. You drive by car Fransad?,we live close to Venlo,or we can take bus 83 to Nijmegen station
  6. I'm thinking to buy tickets GC for me and my girlfriend and hit it to werchter on saturday,anyone knows If there's a meeting with mygnr forum fans before the show or Someone wants to hang out at the show?
  7. i can't understand a god damn thing!.......
  8. wish you were here is a great classic rock ballad i wish axl share some of the lirycs during this song,maybe a duet with duff like in the good old days, like they did with wild horses
  9. to quote duff at the american awards in 1990.....have a drink on us! :))
  10. i didn't mention in my signature the concerts with GNR where i was there but it doesn;t matter my point is seeing GNR is awesome! some people just don't get it i think their expectations is above what the band could deliver
  11. dear people don't get me wrong. but seeing gnr these days it's hard !!! specialy if you are a big fan, they play top notch ,they try to play pristine versions of 1991-1993 songs,with 2017 sound(keep that in mind) if you are going to see guns and hoping for a classic illusion set and sound forget about it,you are about to see a gnr that's stand for our present time,be happy with it,don't expect for much more be gratful that AXL/SLASH and DUFF are on the same stage
  12. if you love gnr like i do, go and see the concerts don't waste your fuckin time seeing iphone streams or other low quality live must be insane toto watch those low fi videos and pretending you are are live with the band how sick can this thing be???
  13. jesus fuckin christ AFTER SEEING THIS,I'm gonna buy tickets for for golden ring early entry,the stage is so far afaaaaar awaaay! there's no chance to see the band not even on the big screens....and if you are standing 200m away from the stage you will not see those big screens either...such a shame...back in the 90's everybody pay the same price for the ticket and everybody run to front row or closer to stage there was no golder ring,normal ring or other cash grab like this,after the first 1000 people they close that area with metal gates and that was golden ring but everybody pay the same money...sad but true
  14. i also believe that the audio from vhs promo is better than the other ''hd'' youtube clip... but i am not talking about horns here! i'am talkin' about Joe Fuckin' Perry!!! we can't here him during mama kin and i think on the next track trainkept a rollin also....he is so low in the mix
  15. am i stoned deaf forever or am i speaking the truth