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  1. any advice in choosing another vhs recorder,other than sony's? they used to make good machines but maybe another brand is better
  2. i think Limulus will release first the audio version of the show on 6 june 2017 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hipodromme De Vincennes concert...i myself have a video Master tape that was recorded inside the Veronica Tv Station during the second re-broadcast of this concert on april 11 1993(i'm not kidding) my tape has no time code numbers and it comes with all the comercials and the buletin news after the concert(funny) from what i see now availible for download nothing comes close in terms of picture quality and from what i know the paris 92 blu-ray it is indeed source from a master vhs recorded from the Tv feed(unfortunatly it was LP recorded.. Jarl version) now i'm on a way to buy a ''new' vhs recorder an i will do another transfer,i am not happy with the results that i have right now....aldo the transfer was done in early 2014 with a sony SLV SX730 videorecorder straight through Sony RDR Hx 725 dvd recorder....keep in touch Adrian
  3. hy,can you guys tell me wich youtoube downloader are you using at this moment? i need one that could be fast enough and easy to use,and maintaining same quality any advice is appreciated!
  4. i am looking for 3 Nijmegen golden circle tickets! pm me if you have or know someone!
  5. I think 5000 people are included in the early entry,the next 10000 people in the golden circle (second entry) and rest of the people are the ones with regular tickets up to 60.000 people(ticketmastet says Nijmegen is Sold Out!) Cheers!
  6. there 's a version of this t shirt here
  7. For people who was last ssummer at a big concert in Nijmegen,or maybe years many people can handle this golden circle(early entry) and the next one golden circle staanplaats? I still didn't buy tickets yet for Nijmegen as i yet arrive in Holland so i still wait for my salary at the end of the month! Thank you Looking further for replies!
  8. Oh,boy some two hours ago i found all my old dvd's dowloaded from paradisecity tracker(for those who remember) and it's like 100+ gnr concerts from 1986 till 1993 but i have a slow internet connection right now,but i can by request upload a dvd by your choice!
  9. Hi Thanks for replying to about Guns n Roses MTV weekend from 1992/93, what is the quality of your DVD like would you mind burning me a copy off?



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    2. foreverguns


      i'm having trouble uploading to mega,they seem to ban what i upload,the dvd with footage from donington 1988 they killed my url link ....this weekend mtv contains official footage so maybe it's also imposible to upload,but i'll try

    3. Andy4477


      Thank you I appriciate the effort

    4. Andy4477


      Hi Thanks for replying to about Guns n Roses MTV weekend from 1992/93, how are you, is there any update on DVD



  10. :)) don't Be afraid to download this! It's just a dvd it's called seeds of destruction ,contains donington clips,fox late night,some Kiss stuff,axl interview. Size 2.53 Gb
  11.!rA0w2aDL!gZfLl2YOI9nwKFtpp2bz5w everyone please try,i hope it works!
  12. right now i'm uploading this dvd to mega
  13. i have this in my hard disk it's authored by jarl double dvd also i have the konkra version also 2 dvd,soon is the word
  14. appetite would sound even better half speed masterd and release as double vinyl