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  1. You say that but he actually sounded great on the No Trickery vegas shows in 2014.
  2. He’s on tour with his own band. Played last weekend and sounded great.
  3. What’s the appetite for gigs like in US? If they reorganised the tour so it ran August into September at the venues/city’s currently booked in order to 100 % confirm gigs are on would tickets be snapped up? They definitely would in the UK. The desire for live music is huge here.
  4. So has Chinese had a resurgence since the Not in This Lifetime era? How do those Chi Dem stream numbers compare with Velvet Revolver songs?
  5. I think you’ve misunderstood my post. I’m delighted to see Slash back with Axl. The fact (in my opinion) I saw good chemistry between Axl & DJ isn’t something you can call nonsense. It’s my opinion.
  6. The Caesars palace shows were great as the venue was awesome. Good opportunity to get up close and personal but on a grand scale. Very different to a stadium gig. That second show Jason Momoa was sat in front of me then went side stage. Axl wasn’t the best I’ve heard him but I remember certain songs like Dead Horse sounding amazing. It’s on YouTube The guy is getting older and the voice ages. When you’re at a gig and it’s extremely loud and mixed for the venue it’s inevitably gonna sound more enjoyable anyway. Here is a fan recording of same performance. To me Axl s
  7. Let’s be honest “management” are not the ones not getting involved. It’s Axl. For better or worse he’s not a fan of releasing things we’d love to see.
  8. The late 90’s were difficult for Metallica & AC/DC as they tried to find their feet post grunge...however it all came good, and Metallica’s output especially during that time gets looked back upon pretty favourably. If Axl had just ripped the band aid off in 2000 I think he’d of faired better. The delay hindered things. That said I love Chinese and it has definitely had a resurgence due to the not in this lifetime tour. Fingers crossed the “next chapter” blows minds. 👍
  9. Yes, he was walking backwards and fell as he left after the bows. He had to go to the hospital in Newcastle. There is a great picture of him on the quayside.
  10. I saw them in 2002 at Leeds & London. Was a thrill to see Axl again. Bucket & band sounded amazing. Wasn’t a big fan of Robins solo spots..but I liked him on stage. 2006 was a great tour but Bumble found his place and vibe much better by 2009. I saw Brain & Frank during 2006 and for me I much preferred Frank which I know will be controversial. I must be easily pleased as I’ve enjoyed all line ups.
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