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  1. More likely waiting for GN’R social media to pull the trigger first. NFL network seem to have an exclusive.
  2. Yep…this is true of the additional 30,000 fans that pack stadiums now as apposed to the fans turning up during the Chinese era. I don’t care how Axl’s work charts..I just want to hear it.
  3. Each to their own. I have it in a playlist with HS & Absurd and for my taste they are far better songs. Fundamentally they have Axl singing and his phrasing, lyrics and vocal variety elevates things immensely. I wouldn’t put the two projects in the same leagues personally.
  4. I’m a subscriber at the highest price point and am really enjoying it. I’m more than happy to support the project. The quality thus far is superb.
  5. Why would people pay £1.29? Adults have Spotify, tidal etc… or you can just press on the YouTube link the band themselves shared. If you’re a fan like me you’ll no doubt buy the cd, hat & t-shirt.
  6. Rock singles have never done well in the charts. The stats on GN’R singles in 1990’s don’t paint a picture of how successful they were. The charts will always be filled with what the youth are listening to, now more than ever given the way they can stream. This forum really is the pits at the minute. My favourite band are on tour, releasing music and seemingly enjoying it..this swamp of negativity on here is depressing.
  7. Is the distance between the audience/pit and the stage larger on this tour?
  8. AC/DC release specific merch around singles. Do you think we’ll just get random singles rather than an album?
  9. We’re getting Chinese part 2…to me that’s very very exciting! a formulaic reunion album was never on the cards unless Axl compromised. I’m pleased he hasn’t. Slash has his output with Myles & Duff has lots of things he does on the side. I feel excited about this band again.
  10. Completely disagree. I think the production is superb. I’ve listened on headphones & through hifi.
  11. Can’t believe what I’ve woken up to. I think it sounds great on headphones. loads going on like Chinese but with slash at the forefront. do we know if it’s all the current line up? Brilliant day.
  12. Exactly. Promoters are obviously of the opinion that with over a year of no shows the fact there is a “show” is enough to market this on. With the cancellation of the Def Leppard/Motley tour it probably isn’t a bad shout. Given the fact the European tour is guaranteed to sell well, if an album release is going to be tied specifically to a tour..that might not be needed for quite some time. Slash releasing a conspirators album early 2022 might not be a good sign either.
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