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  1. Governments will want the industry back. Will depend on vaccines, track & trace etc. We’ll not know until April I reckon. Hopefully shows can happen. 🤞 And hopefully Covid won’t be causing deaths.
  2. What’s people’s thoughts as to why DJ hasn’t advertised this?
  3. Intro, Outro and solo seems to be Slash to me. Some great vocal ability. Shame Slash didn't make the video.
  4. The edit around DJ is a bit strange. Also interesting that he hasn’t shared this on any social media.
  5. The first single dropped last year. I love it. Singers great in my opinion. They rock live.
  6. Not a great book in comparison to Duff’s. Matt comes across as a pretty shallow person. Slash & Duff picked him to be in Guns N’Roses..there must of been lots of drummers to choose from so I think that in itself deserves some respect. He gives no compliments to the drummer he replaced, Steven. Not sure what makes him think he’s above Dizzy to be honest. I can see why he’s not in the band now & to put it all on Duff isn’t fair...he must know that the person who is calling the shots is Axl. Getting on Metallica’s plane (while in the cult) and deserting his own band pr
  7. Nonsense. Look at the screens at the show. It’s a direct pull apart from the Axl close ups. There is no conspiracy theory..it’s been decided no close up footage of the frontman. I find it totally embarrassing.
  8. Surely it’s obvious to everyone that the visual editing has nothing to do with the people tasked with doing the job. They’ve obviously been told no close up Axl footage is to be used. It’s embarrassing. The trolls who criticise Axl’s appearance have clearly gotten to the man.
  9. I’d like to know what Brian/Frank thinks of the Chinese drum sound. It’s my least favourite thing about the album..it sounds like a computer track. I prefer the drum sound on the leaks especially the more recent ones. Who plays on Hardschool?
  10. Yes- but Susan wouldn’t lie. Perhaps it really is CD 2 with overdubs..but then again he moved to LA to be closer to the band. its a case of wait & see
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