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  1. The very last one is the one that cracks me up the most lol... I don't know why eBay continues to let him sell. I didn't leave negative feedback because part of my agreement with him regarding the extra prints I got from him as replacements for damaged prints, was that I would keep the prints and not leave a neg feedback. I wonder how many others he may have made the same agreement with and how bad his feedback would be if I and anyone else who made the agreement, actually left neg feedback... These are just in the last 12 months... What a liar! Read his feedback! All his items are damaged. - GUNS N ROSES Washington DC FEDEX Field Print Poster Lithograph (#332118466704) Never shipped item, would not respond to communication - Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless 1/4in. Hex Impact Driver 4.0 Battery NEVER SHIPPED,NEVER SHIPPED,NEVER SHIPPED - Rare The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tongue Evolution Pin Set with COA Worst eBay experience EVER. Shipped late, no communication, damaged product. - Mint Rolling Stones Havana Cuba América Latina Olé Tour Lithograph Habana Car Received damaged. No replacement sent .Seller stopped communication.Reported - OFFICIAL ADELE 25 WORLD TOUR LITHOGRAPH POSTER AUSTIN 11/5/16 LIMITED #64/150 The seller never shipped the item after I made payment. Ebay credited the funds - Guns N´ Roses Poster Lithograph 2016 Coachella Festival Ultra Rare 54/150 Ordered a Go Pro Hero Session 5. Sent Hero Session Wrong item Will not respond. - Brand New Factory Sealed GoPro Hero 5 Session Camcorder Never receiived item and never received any responses to statis inquires. - Brand New Factory Sealed GoPro Hero 5 Session Camcorder This guy took my money and never shipped product. Waiting 2 weeks. SCAMMER!!!!! - GUNS N ROSES Washington DC FEDEX Field Print Poster Lithograph phone was locked with a passcode. seller will not respond to resolve. dont buy! - Apple iPhone 6s - 128GB - Gold (AT&T) Arrived damaged never received the promised refund - Sony Cassette Deck Dual Model TC-WE825S Tested and Working Don't buy from this CROOKED seller! Everything he says is a LIE! Very Bad Ebayer - GUNS N ROSES Washington DC FEDEX Field Print Poster Lithograph Created label, but never shipped item. Lied repeatedly - Apple iPhone 6S (Latest Model) - 16GB - Gold (Verizon) Cracked Screen SCAM! Offered NEW IN SEALED box tv,but shipped USED SCRATCHED tv, even ensambled - Samsung UN32J4000 32" 720p LED LCD Television Hoodie is in mint condition except for stains on the front of hoodie - Bape Grey Shark Hoodie Kaws Supreme Yeezy Bathing Ape Tiger Futura Camo Duffle Here are some of our back and forth messages regarding my transactions on eBay and outside of eBay (I should have known better than to deal with him outside eBay). I also experienced the same things others reported - shipping label created notifications but the tracking info never worked, damaged prints, etc. sammyrtamar wrote: Hey man, so I've got a connection with one of the traveling stage crew for the guns and roses tour this summer, he just hooked me up with another 12 posters I've pretty much got posters from every show they had this summer so before I post them let me know if there are any specific ones your interested in and we can make a deal, a also have some tee shirts and leather jackets from the tour On 10/1/16, 5:48 PM, royalh13 wrote: Re: royalh13 has sent a question about item #331976643450, ending on Sep-27-16 06:23:52 PDT - Guns and Roses Nashville Poster July 2016 Hatch Show Lithograph Sam, i paid you a lot of money for these prints - Over $1200 and so far the only print I've gotten is the DC print - and even that one isn't in perfect condition. I need to know today, exactly what you're going to do to remedy these issues. What is the plan other than "talk to your staff tomorrow"? sammyrtamar: I am going to get you what you paid for I am going to replace the Nashville and whichever else you need like I told you I have a connection with one of the stage crew for the tour so if I need a replacement print i can make it happen I just want to get in my store find out why this mixup happened in the first place see what I have in stock and see what I need to make a call for royalh13 wrote: Ok I hope that the Foxboro and Houston prints is still in your store - they are kind of rare to get nowadays - I'm afraid that if the staff messed up all these prints going to me, then my prints may have gone to your other customers and who knows what happens to them at that point. I'm more interested in getting the prints than getting my money back. I know PayPal will refund me the money, but I'm more interested in getting perfect prints. sammyrtamar wrote: I was unable to make it to my store today, but i spoke to my guy and he does have copies of the prints you said you did not recieve so if I do not have them on hand he will drop them off tomorrow, to make things easier then going back and forth on ebay messages, call my store 845-675-7050 anytime between 10-7 (eastern) and we can better coordinate you sending back the wrong prints as well as you getting the ones you purchased. On 10/4/16, 1:04 AM, royalh13 wrote: haven't gotten a text from you tonight... sammyrtamar wrote: I'm doing inventory still here gonna be an all nighter from me it's one of many things on my agenda royalh13 wrote: when are you going to let me know about my prints then? sammyrtamar wrote: sent you a text earlier, have everything packed up and ready for you just waiting for your conformation before i ship it out please message me back On 10/13/16, 12:10 AM, royalh13 wrote: I sent you a bunch of texts but haven't heard back so i don't know if you got them or you're just ignoring them, but we need to figure out the remaining issues asap please. On 10/13/16, 9:21 AM, sammyrtamar wrote: Sent you a text this morning please call me so we can come to a resolution Here is some other info regarding "sammyrtamar": Hudson valley J & L (Jewelry & Loan = a Pawn Shop) 150 Main St Nyack, NY 10960-3002 845-405-1755 PayPal email = HUDSON VALLEY J&L INC is corporation filed with the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The DOS ID is 4866689. The business entity is incorporated in Rockland County. The entity type is DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION. The initial DOS filing date is 12/18/2015. The address is 150 Main Street, Nyack, New York 10960. The city is Nyack, New York. The zip code is 10960. Hudson Valley J&l Inc · 150 Main Street, Nyack, New York 10960 Department of State (DOS) ID 4866689 Current Entity Name HUDSON VALLEY J&L INC Entity Type DOMESTIC BUSINESS CORPORATION County Incorporated ROCKLAND Jurisdiction State or Country NEW YORK Initial DOS Filing Date 12/18/2015 DOS Process Address NICK PEREZ 150 MAIN STREET NYACK NEW YORK 10960 Registered Agent NICHOLAS PEREZ 150 MAIN STREET NYACK NEW YORK 10960
  2. "Shill" And like I said, these are all in my own collection... Lucky you! That sammy dude I bought from, who damaged almost every print, told me to keep them too, but I never got replacements that's why i have those extras in the trade section...
  3. Are they yours to sell/trade or are they your friend's ?
  4. hence why i said make me a fair offer and i wasn't attached to it cuz I'm not a stones fan....
  5. LOL! Watch out, the name calling has begun!
  6. that sounds right... Ferraris are way outta my league (since as someone mentioned, i don't have a "real" job lol). I'm more of a Nissan GTR guy (irony - The Godzilla car) lol
  7. will pm you the link.. this was in my Watched Items list, so it may be too old a posting to still show up in the completed listings search... just don't offer him $500! lol
  8. exactly - and, iirc, this is why the people who were able to "buy" one of the Enzo F40's when they were first released had to sign a contract that prohibited them from reselling the car, if i remember the story correctly... which kind of doesn't make sense cuz now that i think about it, i thought I read that you didn't actually "own" the F40 - Ferrari still owned it and gave you the right to say you were the or maybe I'm mixing up models and stories...
  9. he only had the 1 print to sell in the past and it didn't sell at $500 which is why i messaged him - i checked his past sales to see if he had ithers but he didnt. The robert guy in venice cali seems to be able to get/or has a wide variety of prints. the 2 local guys i bought from only had prints from cali. That sammytamar or whatever his s/n is on ebay, has a wide variety also, but almosy all the prints i got from him were damaged and he didn't want to take care of it so i eneded up keeping everything he sent me - which is why i have those extra prints i listed as damaged. i would avoid him like the plague. i figured out how to find other prints because i was messaging back and forth with a seller about how he got some of the rare.ones he had in his personal collection and he told me his "secret": he basically did an ebay search for what he was looking for and changed the filters to show sold & completed items. he would then message every seller who had one of the prints he wanted and asked them 1 or 2 questions - if the print sold, he'd ask if they had any others they'd be willing to sell or know of where to get one and/or if it didn't sell, he'd ask if they still had it and if so, were they still willing to sell it (which is what i did). these are the things inwpuld recommend for you to try...
  10. what's funny is that i have that extra Nashville print, that has the little bit of damage, which I'm willing to trade to someone 1:1 for one of their prints from their country... maybe i should ask for a 2:1 trade..... lol... just kidding, like i said, I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone...
  11. it's actually the April 1st Troubador print - the full size 18x24 one and not the 3 square ones.... it's the only US print not in my collection, but $500 is out of my reach lol...
  12. Unfortunately, facts and truths don't have to be liked, by you or anyone else, to still be facts and truths... As I said, I'm not saying that i like the fact that the prints are so expensive on ebay, but i understand why they are and accept it for what it is - supply & demand. Same way I understand why ferraris are so expensive - limit supply, high manufacturing costs and high demand. Whining about how ferrari is ripping people off because they are priced way outside of my reach, is just stupid.
  13. The glow in the dark new orleans print feels like what you describe - not quite paper but not quite plastic - cheap feeling indeed. it also wrinkles very easily...
  14. If the print sells for $500 though, is it still too high of a price? or is it only too high of a price because you're not willing to pay it? I actually just messaged someone on ebay who had a print listed at $500ish, and which didn't sell, to see if he would be willing to sell at a more reasonable cost. However, if i really really really want the print and he says $500 firm, then i have to decide if I want the print bad enough to pay that. So again, it does boil down to supply and demand and no matter if you want to hear it or not, that's the bottom line - no ifs and or buts. Edit - and sure, like you said, someone could sell something for $100 (which is still a 100% markup) but why should he if someone is willing to pay $500? So using your argument, should a Ferrari be sold for the same price as a Honda, even if the cost to manufacture the cars are the same?
  15. Exactly - the only "fix" is enforcing a limit per person or per ticket. Not an easy thing to do unfortunately, and not likely to happen due to the low number complaints - mostly from thisforum lol. and you are correct about fruits - i had to look it up to verify what you said, but you are right - i stand corrected. The word Fruit is a noun. The word is an exception where the noun is both countable and uncountable. So the plural of Fruit can be either Fruit OR Fruits.