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  1. Well that and the not in this lifetime tour knife Richard fortus got.
  2. Is it unreasonable to think they won't play all of appetite? Would it be pointless if this show was just another show on this tour and had the typical setlist with little to no guests?
  3. Yeah I'm surprised. Really doubt they'll play one in a million.
  4. There playing I don't care about you/ look at your game girl
  5. Playing some fastbacks right now
  6. I feel like they have played more classic rock tracks than actual gnr songs
  7. They just played it so easy from the marquee. They have played a lot of stuff from other bands such as wolfmother, Iron Maiden, the cult, AC/DC, etc.
  8. Good to heard deep cuts like locomotive and right next door to hell played so far.
  9. Seems like the last couple of shows, he's struggling with Jungle.
  10. His comments are not really new. He has said this on behind the music, that metal show, loudwire interviews. I don't know why he brought it up again. He's not wrong about it. Metallica is a little more professional than how guns are but they aren't perfect either. It's like kicking a dead horse. Old news, move on.
  11. Atlas shrugged and the general would be nice to see released. As far as live concerts, etc, I would love to see a pro shot of that gnr forum show from 1991 where they played almost 4 hours. I would also love to see the perfect crime documentary be relased
  12. Happy Birthday Izzy 🎉🎉🎉
  13. I agree I hope they don't do the troubadour or the whiskey. Hopefully at the la forum or maybe the staples center. I don't see them playing the coliseum or the rose bowl. I will be in la around that time seeing Metallica so hopefully they do something while I'm out there. Hopefully they don't announce it the day of the show either.
  14. That's true as well. You'd think they do something big especially for an album that put them where they are today in music history.
  15. I mean it's not confirmed but with Steven talking about Fernando has plans for the 30th anniversary and he showed that billboard on his instagram account and didn't slash and Melissa Reese like the post? Plus Steven been pretty silent since that Eddie trunk interview. I am aware it's speculation still but this is kind of setting up when the troubadour show happened last year.