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  1. Since we cannot post links here anymore, can anyone at least give a hint of where I can find the You’re Crazy video?
  2. If you’re expecting questions related to new music, don’t even bother watching this. SJ and Duff are close friends for decades and he asked about when Duff moved to LA, he didn’t know.
  3. This os how I see it: When this whole thing first started, they didn’t know where it would go, but they were open to possibilities - specially Slash has said that a few times. As they started rehearsing and everything was going well, they realized they were having fun and enjoying each other’s company. It seems to me that that’s why Izzy never showed up to rehearsals, because he saw that this could be a much bigger thing, not just a few reunion shows, and that’s not for him. What he does with his career is proof of that, he plays and records music for fun, he’s not interested in the industry and the responsabilities of being in one of the biggest tours bla bla bla. And that’s fine, people have different lifestyles and goals in life, he’s not a looser because of that, it’s quite the opposite. He made a brave choice decades ago when he chose to step back, I admire him for that, some musicians hate what they do and they just don’t have the courage to admit that and do something else because fame and money are very addictive. Maybe if they had offered him more money, he would have said yes, because I’m sure it would help with his retirement in the future. We don’t know how smart he was with his money, but I’m sure a few extra millions in his bank account wouldn’t hurt. But since the tour became much bigger, maybe that was a price he wasn’t keen to pay. I’m a big fan of the guy, but it would be sad for me if he did the first run of the NITLT and then disappeared again. I like that the reunion became a permanent thing and they’re working on new music. If Izzy showed up to play a whole show with them as a one night thing, I would be really happy.
  4. New Slash Interview On Steve Jones Show !

    From what you’re saying, his interview with Slash was just like any other interview he ever did on his show. Just check Youtube and you can see for yourself. So no, there was no agreement about what he could ask Slash. He’s not an interviewer or journalist, he’s just a retired rockstar with a radio show talking to his friends about random stuff.
  5. Exactly. We would only get the perfect setlist if the band played a show exclusively for members of their fan club (or something like that) and the fans could choose the songs.
  6. Dust N Bones, Don’t Damn Me, Bad Apples, Bad Obsession, Perfect Crime, 14 Years, Back Off Bitch, Pretty Tied Up, So Fine. I’ll just send them the link to my GNR playlist on Spotify.
  7. Setlist for 2020

    The videos are so cheesy, looks like a powerpoint presentation some intern did. Also it’s so literal, it’s not even something creative/interesting/cool. Like, for Dead Horse, let’s have a horse video! 🙄
  8. Exactly, because other stuff can get in the way and go south, and you can’t do nothing about it, but they already said they want to do it and we have proof that they’re doing it. Just wait and see! They seem to be pretty happy with how everything is going, regarding new music and their management. If we don’t like it, that’s our problem, they won’t change it just because. If the band wants to release new music they will do it regardless. As far as I know, Fernando is not sitting in the studio writing songs, he hasn’t been promoted to band member yet, thank god. He can’t make Slash write a new riff or tell Axl to write new lyrics, so we have to trust the ones that are in charge of the new music: the band. And again they said they want to do it and that they are doing it. If you’re just curious to hear from Axl, that’s a whole other story. You are asking for something that not even pop stars do these days. Most of them just announce the album when everything is ready to go, take the fans by surprise. So let’s hope everything goes well and we get new music in the near future.
  9. What else do you want? A private preview of the new album? Duff, Slash and Fortus recently said on interviews repeatedly that they are working on new music. We know that Slash has been going to Axl’s house to record and his schedule is clear for the next year. HS has been on the alt setlist. They’re all getting along and happy. If ultimately they don’t release anything it’s because it didn’t work, they think the material sucks, whatever, not because they didn’t work on it or were just having fun creating rumors about themselves. Really, they won’t live stream their working days in the studio and give the fans daily updates, it’s not a reality show. Relax.
  10. Limp is amazing, love Fiona! BTW Lana’s new album is also great. But I’m wondering what she would like to sing as a guest at their show (a GNR song)/ what would fit her voice. The two of them singing together would be pretty exotic hahah, I think she’d probably faint. LOL.
  11. It’s a childhood crush, she will never move on! What GNR song they could sing together?
  12. Duff's issues after alchohol

    I think I remember him saying that he has some minor issues and he has to be careful with some stuff also as prevention, but I don’t think he has anything serious like diabetes.
  13. NITL is over, finito?

    I guess next years shows are just random festival dates? Should they name them? Calling NITL would be kind of ridiculous.
  14. https://twitter.com/duffmckagan/status/11908967298 https://twitter.com/slash/status/1190932088385441792?s=21
  15. I just don’t get it. I’m not directing this to anyone in particular and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone, but if you think the band sucks, the setlist is boring, their moves are rehearsed and they’re doing it just for the money, why the hell do you go to the show or come here to follow the live set? I’m speaking from a personal experience. When Axl was doing his thing with NuGNR I went to one concert, but I thought the whole thing was too depressing, like a wedding band. I seriously left the show depressed, so I never came back. I would still follow closely, come here, read your comments, check if they were still alive, see what was going on, but I would never post and wasn’t excited about new music as most people were. It just wasn’t for me and that was fine. I wish they’d change the setlist, play more deep cuts etc, I agree with all that, but they’re not doing anything different from other big bands these days. You have to look at it with some perspective, we’re not the general public, the general public is really happy. We follow the band closely, we know all their steps. Also I don’t expect the spontaneity from the old days, that had a lot to do with youth, drugs, immaturity, booze and Axl’s personal problems. Things change, you can’t replicate that, they’re in a much better place now. I think they’re genuinely enjoying each others company and playing together again. Of course the money doesn’t hurt either! Just see how how they look happy onstage every night. There’s always people here criticizing management and saying how they could make more money etc. Yes, they could release a dvd, give interviews, be on magazine covers, make a documentary about the whole thing, whatever, but they didn’t, they just want to play and do it on their on terms, don’t you thing that’s cool? That is so much the essence of this band. From now on I hope we get new music and a different setlist when they go on tour again. Let’s wait and see, but for now I just choose to enjoy what we have and have fun. Ultimately it’s their call, they’ll do what they want to and I think that’s how it should be with any band.