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  1. stage diving in the new release video was my favorite part. better shots than the existing ISO video everyone has seen. Axl was an animal in the early days. wish we had more high quality video of those early years LA club gigs
  2. This is terrific and a must-listen for any GNR fan. You guys are getting great material. There is no doubt in my mind a guy like Teddy is as straight and unbiased an insider account you will get...he has zero to lose or gain. I loved the account of Axl during the Montreal riot (paints a different picture thats a lot more sympathetic)... What a circus this guy lived.
  3. Its a peregrine falcon. Likely taken in Dubai when they played there. great pic
  4. Axl is in full on primal, next-level force by the 4:30 mark through the end...and Mick is clearly competing with him at that point (as opposed to Tom Petty who just appreciated him on the Free Fallin duet), really the ultimate compliment. When people ask me why I believe Axl was/is the best frontman rock has known, this is the clip I show.
  5. indeed. the seed was likely sown when they both joined Billy Joel on stage for one of his shows earlier this year. She was posting on social media how amazing it was to meet Axl
  6. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    Axl in a landslide if the competition is "best frontman" -- Axl's on stage charisma and stage presence is in a league of his own. Just watch him compete w Mick during Salt of the Earth. He goes toe to toe w an all time great and outperforms him. But... for pure vocalist Freddie was unique. But axl isnt that far off there either
  7. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    Noah Syndergaard and girlfriend, Drea de Matteo, McEnroe, Jimmy Iovine (I believe) were the ones near me (in addition to sofia V and that Joe dude who were mentioned). didnt see Patrick WIlson or Tony Hawk but sure they were there Also Axl was pretty focused on that Sasha girl and her friends in the box to the upper left as you look at stage
  8. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    yes - he left about 4 songs prior to the encore. had an early appointment fri apparently. nice guy and very into it. was an interesting mix of folks there huh? def some real hard core fans but more celebs than I realized. I am 90% sure jimmy iovine was right there in our vicinity as well to me the #1 takeaway of watching Axl in that kind of crazy intimate environment was the extreme amount he pours into a performance. doing what he does to that degree for 3+ hrs at 55 is just absurd
  9. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    NOBODY who was at the show would say anything but Axl sounded phenomenal. You can nitpick a radio feed all you want...more power to you. But you are working from a flawed product. Every single review of the show (Billboard, Vulture etc) singles out exceptional vocal chops for a reason, everyone who was there would agree. Everyone. I was mid orchestra level next to John McEnroe and it was funny as I remembered thinking mid performance "well the naysayers can go to town about lack of Izzy and Adler or proper tribute to AFD but they cant say squat about one of the top 3 greatest rock vocalist delivering a lights out performance." The bitterness of some of the vocal minority of "fans" here is truly mindblowing. Enjoy your time in living in your parents basements in your tidy whiteys.
  10. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    No matter what this will be an awesome event. But my strong gut is this will not be simply the NITL set in a small venue. whether that means guest performers from other bands, AFD from start to finish or Adler and/or Izzy for pieces of the set I have no clue. But there is enough smoke to indicate they are doing something a bit different here. Clearly the promotions w AFD 30 anniversary focus are a tell...they arent crazy. I am heading in expecting to see the current group in a killer, intimate venue. Anything else will be gravy. but objectively, there is likely to be a surprise or two. i dont think that will be the original 5 ripping through Jungle through Rocket Queen...but something cool is likely to happen.
  11. I was told pick up day of show...I would be very suspicious of craigslist postings
  12. Amazing some of the ridiculous nitpicking in this forum. I was at two of the Hammerstein shows in 2006 and they are some of my very best GnR live memories (and I was at 3 1991-92 shows). And the Apollo is even more intimate and iconic. I will be there Thursday night and I cant f'ing wait. Seeing GnR in such an environment is a once in a lifetime event and a freaking gift. So if they play AFD w original lineup thats gravy. But just seeing these guys and specifically Axl and Slash on the same stage and crushing it is one of the only good things in a pretty crazy world these days. I dont post much but I will try to put something up Friday