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  1. Axl fresh off a top grossing tour in music history is pretty damn relevant. Nice to see him voicing his opinion and its received a ton of pick up. I cant imagine showing up at a Donald Trump rally in 2018. beyond pathetic
  2. you are an embarrassment. the guy is lights out 95% of the time and always grows into tours. level of stupidity and repetitive trends in this forum (which I generally appreciate) still boggles the mind
  3. stage diving in the new release video was my favorite part. better shots than the existing ISO video everyone has seen. Axl was an animal in the early days. wish we had more high quality video of those early years LA club gigs
  4. This is terrific and a must-listen for any GNR fan. You guys are getting great material. There is no doubt in my mind a guy like Teddy is as straight and unbiased an insider account you will get...he has zero to lose or gain. I loved the account of Axl during the Montreal riot (paints a different picture thats a lot more sympathetic)... What a circus this guy lived.
  5. Its a peregrine falcon. Likely taken in Dubai when they played there. great pic