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  1. I was at the show and was also at the hammerstein 2006 shows. the apollo was an unreal experience and an unreal performance. And I will say this: someone could listen to the recording and play the Axl "mickey" vocal game... but its bullsh*t. he was a freakin giant that night. plenty of rasp and full on top vocal performance. its too easy to dissect live vocal recordings these days ...plenty - even the good ones - arent high quality. if you were there, you know.
  2. I have always loved the restraint of axl's vocals in this impromptu performance. really shows his range as a singer. almost blues style. also some are implying that Bruce seemed embarrassed after the song. ridiculous. bruce is a big Axl fan and always has been. he cited the double Release of the Illusion records as inspiration for him to do the same expanded new material release. he wasnt going to turn down a chance to sing w Axl and i guarantee he was shocked Axl was willing to do it. to me these are two masters at work. zero prep and still pretty f'ing great