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  1. were you at the gig last night? i was. YCBM was a highlight. Axl's overall performance was fabulous. so many people in their own ridiculous GnR obsessively critical bubble on this forum. if this were 1992 and UYI tour recordings were being posted people would knock them. yeah - he has aged. but he is still crushing it, commanding the stage better than frontmen half his age and a very competent live vocalist. can he do things vocally he could 15 yrs ago? no ... but thats because bar was so high
  2. Stern cant keep quiet...spends more time talking than letting his interviewee respond.
  3. this is so typical of this forum and such a BS thread. shorter setlist, less shows. period. he plays for 3 hrs and tours like mad. he is still a god of a live vocalist when he is on and better when he is off than people here comparing him to early 90s/2005/acdc etc want to admit
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