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  1. Need your help!

    Honestly, I get really crazy when we know that the shows are picking up dust and what GNR does is release a ridiculous album! Oh, fuck you ... honestly. Why so much incompetence? Holy shit man, this is not possible. How far does the consideration for fans and love for music go? What's the real problem with wanting to forget about the UYI era and recorded shows? Ashamed of yourself? Not wanting people to see you as you were before? Is it some trauma? There must be reasons why all this is maintained and nothing seems to want to get them out of there! I think Axl has trauma and remembers very bad times and he doesn't want to "live" it again. It seems to be a trauma and he just wants to get away from it all. What is your "theory"? Mine is basically this! But speaking of the UYI Box set, I would love to see all the 1991 shows (without exception, the best part of the tour was with izzy for me), some demos, remastering the two albums, backstage scenes (including footage from RJ and Marc Canter if possible) and that's it. Some shows I'm crazy to see in proshot: Toledo Saratoga Springs Philadelphia Nassau Coliseum Hampton Coliseum Charlotte Coliseum Greensboro Coliseum Dallas (2 nights) Denver Mountain View (2 nights) Arco Sacramento Inglewood