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  1. Great stuff. Though I would love it if you would ask him some more question about songs that did not make it on the album. What were his favourite, what were Axl favourite, were they more rockers, more epic etc
  2. What is their 2nd hit?
  3. Is there any footage of Brain/Melisa GNR remix halftime show?
  4. U Munchnu sm prisel na koncert 19.30 in bi bil brez tezav v 2., 3 vrsti
  5. Kok gre. Samo sem kupu karto viska. Posl pm pa gremo na pir na stadionu
  6. I am selling 1 Fos 1 ticket for Vienna
  7. I have 1 Fos 1 ticket for sale at face value. Pm me if interested.
  8. I am selling it for 200 on ebay. But as mygnrforum member you can have it  for faace value I believe it was 160 (159,90) EUR + 5 EUR contribution for original ticketmaster shipping charges + shipping to you.



    1. kok
    2. Cleopatrassister


      Hi. I've decided against Munich now and am going to London only instead. Thank you! x

  9. 06/13/17 - Munich, DE - Olympiastadion

    I have 1 Front of stage 1 ticket for sale
  10. I have 1 Front of stage 1 ticket for sale for München next week.
  11. Thank you -the seeker is gone. Now bring this show to Munchen
  12. Favourite NON-AFD members?

    Bucket, Robin and Brain