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  1. U Munchnu sm prisel na koncert 19.30 in bi bil brez tezav v 2., 3 vrsti
  2. Kok gre. Samo sem kupu karto viska. Posl pm pa gremo na pir na stadionu
  3. I am selling 1 Fos 1 ticket for Vienna
  4. I have 1 Fos 1 ticket for sale at face value. Pm me if interested.
  5. I am selling it for 200 on ebay. But as mygnrforum member you can have it  for faace value I believe it was 160 (159,90) EUR + 5 EUR contribution for original ticketmaster shipping charges + shipping to you.



    1. kok
    2. Cleopatrassister


      Hi. I've decided against Munich now and am going to London only instead. Thank you! x

  6. I have 1 Front of stage 1 ticket for sale
  7. I have 1 Front of stage 1 ticket for sale for München next week.
  8. Thank you -the seeker is gone. Now bring this show to Munchen
  9. Favourite NON-AFD members?

    Bucket, Robin and Brain
  10. MyGNRForum Greatest Hits

    randy lahey was quite a caracter as well.
  11. I will be there - front of stage I
  12. I will be there. Front of stage Slash side:)
  13. Nightrain Renewal?

    This thing actually expires. It was a rip off even if it was permanent