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  1. Best Version of KOHD.

    Any 2002 performance
  2. To each his own - I would trade GNR Lies for an entire Stones catalogue without even blinking
  3. For fuck sakes- Gnr has about an hour of hits-Scom, Jungle, PC, NR, YCBM, Lald, Knocking and Patience and Don't cry which they rarely play even though they are hits. Mr Brownstown, It's so easy out to get me, Rocket queen, not to mention fuckin Wichita limeman or the Seeker could easily be swapped with any UYI rocker and the casual fan would not be deprived of any hits
  4. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    Where is "all of the above"
  5. OK so the only OMG we have is the recording from a computer mic?
  6. I remember this. The guy talking to Axl complimented Buckethed`s solo on TWAT and Axl supposedly replied - wait till you hear his solo on Silkworms. So where is the big BH solo. There is definitely a better version of Silkworms out there.
  7. Apart from my world (which I do not consider an actual song, but just some joke to fill last 2 min of space on CD) these are all cool songs.
  8. Actually when I first got into GNR I thought UYI albums were their greatest hits. Everybody keeps saying that UYI are full of fillers but in my opinion AFD has proportionally way more. I consider Think about you, You are Crazy and Anything goes as fillers .
  9. Yes, but is just going to take a place of a way better UYI song
  10. What a load of crap! Even I will not be buying this
  11. All these guys saying they got the band back together never really explain how they did it.
  12. This sucks. Time for new GNR music was now. And if they are not making it now I sincerely doubt there will ever be any new gnr music (apart from CD leftovers)
  13. Great stuff. Though I would love it if you would ask him some more question about songs that did not make it on the album. What were his favourite, what were Axl favourite, were they more rockers, more epic etc
  14. What is their 2nd hit?