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  1. Honestly it is not what I expected (it is not a bad thing), with the descriptions they gave of songs about Erin or with delicate themes I thought they were going to be ballads. Most of these instrumentals more like AFD than Chinese. Today I will listen to them more in depth but they do not obsess me at all because I think that Axl's voice is missing
  2. No one noticed that there is a riff in Soul Monster that is very similar to the main Zodiac riff?
  3. you make fun of this song but since I first heard it I can't stop singing the chorus
  4. I really can't understand when they say that Zodiac and Quick Song are their favorite Guns songs and they have no voice lol. Regarding these two songs they seem too generic to me and also without the voice of axl it feels empty
  5. Unfortunately. Worst of all is that if they record the songs with the idiot of Slash, the shit media and the mediocre magazines will give him all the credit
  6. As it began is very promising, it reminds me too much of November and Estranged, it has all the lights to be a continuation of Estranged (it also has a kind of dolphins in the background), maybe I'm wrong but it seems something that ended up becoming This I Love . 3 $ Pyramid sounds pretty good, it doesn't differ much from Better
  7. I love this song but I fell in love with State of grace. Beyond the opinions, gentlemen, I want to say that these are the months we dreamed years ago, in my case since 8 years. I even confess something to you, in recent years I stopped listening to Guns for the meeting and for overwhelming me, but this reminded me of how fan it was
  8. Personally I did not like Atlas, but since I heard it I can not stop humming it all day. Now I just fell in love with State of grace
  9. fucking mother, this shit is the best I've heard in a long time, even better than Scraped. I think with a polished voice on the end (you don't understand what he says) and on guitars it would be much more perfect
  10. I thought exactly the same. it seems that it is "humming" IRS
  11. Honestly this snippet sounds like absolutely nothing, it seems that Axl simply babbles or; I heard wrong
  12. Do u happen to have the images with the covers of CD Rough Mixes ?. I only have the image of # 3
  13. I really like it a little, the intro is very good but I feel that the rest of the song needs that fire that the guitars give it
  14. I think it's the text that most identifies me with what I think about what happened with guns and the meeting
  15. Excuse me, I'm from Argentina and I manage a bad English 😂