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  1. For me first half is meh but second half is pure gold. Tough to rank the acoustic tracks as any of those (maybe ex UTLH) could be my number one at a given time. OIAM from 'tryin to make ends meet' forward is probably my fav Axl. And I love the swag of You're Crazy. If forced I'd say favorite to least would be OIAM YC P UTLH NB MK RL MTTC.
  2. Last full album you listened to?

    Terrifying Funk From Beyond The Grave by Here Come The Mummies
  3. I like the ISE open and the vocal warmup point seems fair. I would rather save Jungle and Nightrain both for later and use along with possibly Michelle to break up the second half drag some. Maybe OTGM could be an alt opener (ignoring the warmup arguement).
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    Three from Budgie: Never turn your back on a friend In for the kill Bandolier
  5. I enjoyed SOYL start to finish. Axl's delicate high voice a la Slither chorus is tough to enjoy though. I feel like Axl's high vocals on ITW are disliked by many, but I think he would sound awesome if he could at least get back to that.
  6. Which book about Guns N Roses do you recommend?

    I really liked Duff's first. Thought it was a great story told well and in a very personal/engaging way. So much so that when I had finished and was no longer reading it each day, I kind of 'missed' him in a way (not to sound too weird). I think anyone could enjoy that one whereas Duff's second wasn't anything special - but a fan might still like it. Haven't read Steven's.