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  1. Chinese Democracy: Rockband version

    I would love to hear this. I've always wondered why there was a lack of bass.
  2. I would honestly love a version with the intro they now do! It's so bad ass.
  3. A double album of Chinese era songs followed by a album of all new tunes!
  4. Oh man this is way too hard and is always changing. Right now though it would look something like this. 1. There Was a Time (album version) 2. November Rain 3. Coma 4. Locomotive 5. Prostitute (album version) Honorable mentions to 1. Eye On You 2. Hard school 3. Dummy
  5. This has been one I've been interested in hearing for a long time based solely on the title.
  6. 09/25/19 - Charlotte, NC - Spectrum Center

    They say Estranged is from 94 and that both that and Better are "deep cuts"...
  7. Fuck Bob and anyone else responsible for depriving us of what could have been a great era of the band!