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  1. it is highly unlikely that all the shows get cancelled...and it is highly likely that at least one show that is currently scheduled in the future will get cancelled (though not sure it will be due to covid). But, I will almost guarentee the Hershey show will go, so will Fenway. Detroit, Fargo, Missoula all should go, Metlife highly likely. LA and Vegas are the two areas right now I'd be concerned that might get postphoned again.
  2. No because none of that is going to happen.
  3. Pit tickets are standing First come first servce, there are no chairs in the pit. The rest of the floor tickets, you have a chair. Most will stand during the show, but you have a chair if/when you choose to sit (during intermission, during the opening band, etc).
  4. Oh no lol, they were late to both the Noblesville shows in May, 1991. Seems like the first show they started almost two hours late and they played well past the venue's curfew and had to pay some sort of fine. They were late the second show, but not extremely late.
  5. I fail to understand how anyone from Chicago that is into Pearl Jam and GnR or anyone who has seen Pearl Jam at Wrigley fails to understand why PJ at Wrigley is an inherently special show for them, when it's just another show by and large for GnR. I mean are you really that clueless about bands that play special shows in your city and you've even been to referenced shows lol
  6. There's nothing special about seeing GnR at Wrigley...Pearl Jam at Wrigley. That is special.
  7. For you all complaining about the prices of tickets....as always and with anything. If the prices are too high for you, you simply do not have to go. You can always buy a cheaper ticket....or not go at all. You can make a choice you know good grief. There are people apparently willing to pay that much for a ticket, if not they won't sell. It is very simple. You can also try waiting to see if ticket prices drop, that has happened for some shows in the past as well, but no guarantee the ticket you want or any prices will drop, but they may. Guess why? Because people didn't buy them at th
  8. And other than the football stadiums in New York or LA, when they played football stadiums in other markets, they blocked off entire upper levels....GnR have never been able to sell out stadiums anywhere other than the biggest handful of markets in the States (since the reformation or whatever we are calling this incarnation of the band).
  9. She doesn't add anything, but I don't really have a problem with her being up there. I just don't see why, they'd be just as fine without her......but it's not my band, so I don't worry about it.
  10. Minneapolis didn't really get scrapped, they changed venue to the Excel Center in St. Paul which is an areana, as opposed to a stadium. I wish they had done that here in Indaianpolis, but fortunately the sound is actually pretty good in Lucas Oil especially if the roof is open.
  11. Hard to tell, Ticketmaster is playing their typical games with not releasing all available tickets for sale on Ticketmaster. I know for the Indy show b/c i've been checking for possible upgrades and it looks like all the same seats are available and then there are aisle seats in some 100 level sections available (like all aisle seats up and down the whole section), but then all the rest of the section isn't available. Those tickets have never been available or sold. There's a ton of shows going on sale this week and next with lots of promotion, I'm not sure a lot of people reali
  12. Yah, album has nothing to do with it. This tour was planned before without an album being a factor. The decision is probably largely out of GnR's hands to be honest. They are on contract for tour dates with LiveNation. If LiveNation says this tour is going, then it will go. If not, they'll reschedule to next year.
  13. It looks like anything starting in June or earlier is getting pushed back. Guns tour in the US starts July 10th. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Black Crowes tour as that is scheduled to start June 25th and in reading the tea leaves on their Facebook Page as of May 1 they were planning on going forward with it. If that tour stays on the more likely it is Guns tours stays on.
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