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  1. RATM had a full tour, they just pushed theirs back again to 2022
  2. Man, you are right @Fede was legendary. I remember the hype leading up to it and MY GNR CSI putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, then hanging out in chat with everyone all night that night knowing Vegas was a couple of weeks away,then getting to meet most everyone out there. Amazing time indeed!
  3. All the UYI box will contain is a bunch of shit no one really cares about, as evidenced by the Appetite anniversary box
  4. t This would mean that that you have been drinking the Kool Aid that they have actually been working on some sort of new album (by they I mean the band as it is now). There's no indication that Axl is remotely interested in a new release.
  5. I wish I didn't know how to do something and make as much as he has.
  6. How is that? you have to do something...other than for cancelled shows they don't just refund tickets, you have to ask for a refund. So, you either had tix to shows that got cancelled or you did something.
  7. What...chemistry? This isn't 1988
  8. Really? Sorry you are butt hut by a little criticism and comparative analysis of a band and their management. It is literally impossible to defend GnR or Fernando right now.
  9. Yes, you are completely tone deaf, thanks for acknowledging that. You'll see when there's nothing uploaded this week or next.....or the one after that.
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