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  1. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Axl was at the soundcheck in Prague this year too. They played Estranged twice and both times he sang a few lines now and then :-)
  2. Slash and Steven yesterday at Whiskey's show of John 5! https://instagram.com/p/BRxPTXIFQYF/
  3. 12-16-2010 to 10-02-2011

    Does anybody have screenshots of these emails please? The links are not working :-/
  4. 02/10/17 - Sydney - ANZ Stadium

    Hi guys, I am sorry for maybe stupid question but this is my first concert outside of the Czech Republic so I would like to ask you how it is with the tickets. When I buy Diamond General Admission Standing for 365 AUD I still wont have a chance to be in the first row because there is a special VIP section with a different access which is separated from the Diamond GA?