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  1. Trading proshot dvd's

    Something interesting would be GNR live in Sydney 1988. I've got a few audio tracks but not the full show.Marquee show from 1988 DVDs would be good too.
  2. Hello all, I am chasing Guns N Roses cassette singles to complete my collection. I am looking for a bulk lot 6 or more at once. I will need them shipped to Sydney Australia. Especially after Estranged,Ain’t it fun, Don’t cry , Live and let die , You could be mine and whatever else you have happy to negotiate a price, I just Paid $150 USD for a live from the jungle cassette. So willing to pay good money for good tapes. Cheers Scott
  3. Guys i need help! AFD Signed

    All these signatures are fake. I’ve been collecting this stuff for 30 years and have many real signatures I obtained myself. Axl , Slash and Matt Sorum all have very unique hand writing and fakes are easy to spot to the trained eye. Axl has the most unique handwriting very neat and quiet recognisable. I would say 80% or more signatures online are fake. The ones that come with a COA most of the time are fake also. Buyer beware!!!!!!!
  4. Drum Head Giants Stadium 2016

    Hi I’m interested in seeing photos.
  5. Appetite For Decstruction Original Record Signed

    Please post a picture