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  1. I Would find it very hard to believe any of that “memorabilia ” is authentic. The signatures on 95% of that stuff is fake. Axls white appetite jacket was stolen in Brazil. Fake cheap rubbish!!!!
  2. Put it on Gumtree. It’s free to sell on there but you also get a lot of idiots asking stupid questions and probably wanting your stuff for free.
  3. I’ve been collecting GNR memrobillia for nearly 30 yrs. I’ve met Slash, Duff , Gilby , Steven Adler and Dizzy reed on multiple occasions , had multiple things signed thru the years and I can put my hand on my heart and say both signatures are defiently fake. Slashs signature is way to loopy , the “a” in Slashs signature always stands out and Axl has a very distinctive neat signature , even if rushed . Both fake. Happy to discuss more if required.
  4. 100% FAKE. It hasn’t even got his last name on the photo . W.Axl. Ha ha
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