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  1. Look, it's a perfectly cromulent sci-fi super hero show, but it's not re-inventing the wheel or breaking any new ground by any stretch of the imagination. I was harsh. It's not "horseshit." It's competently written and executed. People losing their fucking minds over it IS horseshit though.
  2. I watched Wandavision last night cause I couldn't sleep. What a predictable pile of horseshit. Anyone that was "surprised" by any of it must have never seen a movie, TV show, or read a book in their life.
  3. Oh no shit, you finally got it?? Care to share some quality pics? It's NOT just a CD-R is it? I remember reading that early on.... Oh and FYI for the youngsters, cover model Bai Ling is all kinds of naked in tons of movies over the years. Just a public service.
  4. Godammit I just can't stop......I went ahead and bought the marbled red and white edition of the AKIRA soundtrack anyway....even though I already have the regular black vinyl version....... I blame ALL of you...YOU did this! You've turned me into a monster!! BUT....if you're like me and have any love at all for the film AKIRA, buy the Milan reissue of the OST.....no matter the color of the vinyl the packaging is absolutely GORGEOUS. Amazing illustrations on front and back cover, beautiful double spread gatefold inner illustration, and both disc sleeves have lovely full color art.
  5. Well, the bullmoose store wouldn't take my Japanese credit card, so thankfully my brother dropped the $35 to get me the pink version of that Porno for Pyros album I wanted!! Ha ha ha ha....suck it ebay and your $75 scalpers!! Thanks so much for the tip Stiffy.....I just assumed they were long gone and never thought to look at the actual website. Ahh...feels like a victory!! Also....since you dudes are pretty good at this....I'll throw a hail mary and see if anyone has a lead on my current obsessions: In 2018, Milan records released the AKIRA soundtrack. I got the bo
  6. Nah, it's a similar situation....there's records out there we want and can't have! Although yours sucks more cause $300 is a lot of dough for a brand new record. I checked ebay and the P4P record was only $75. Not even THAT outrageous....I'd have even bought it....IF I hadn't just dropped $25 on the lamer version. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll pick it up. Don't know if anyone here is into Jane's/Porno.....but Good God's Urge is by far the superior of the two Porno For Pyros releases. If you've never listened to it, give it a try...it's a quick and fun little record.
  7. God damn it. Ugh. Tell me if this has happened to you. For about a year now, I've had Porno For Pyros' "Good God's Urge" on my wantlist. It never got any special releases; a few years back there was a reissue for RSD on black vinyl. Really bare bones. No insert even! But it was a few years ago, and I missed it. Somehow, I was able to get an order in for it on tower records website here in Japan. It was backordered, but it was the normal price, about $25. I put my order in back in October......I got a shipping notice TODAY. I was pretty happy actually....coo
  8. For twenty years, my holy grail that I never thought I'd own was the 01-01-01 t-shirt. I finally got it last year.
  9. You bastards have created a monster. I've had my favorite 12" single from the aforementioned band Belle & Sebastian since college, but it's been in a closet in my parents' house for the last 20 years. Now as you might surmise, transported records back and forth from Japan to the States is no picnic and super expensive. So I've just resigned myself to have my "Japan Collection" here with me, and my "American Collection" on the rare occasions I get to go home. But I got to obsessing about that record....and it's not super expensive, so I did what can only lead down a dangero
  10. Don't hold your breath man.......why would they give us something awesome we all want when they can sell cheap-o toy trucks instead?
  11. Oh man. Anyone else get that adrenaline pumping feeling when you've managed to snag a rare record right as it drops on RSD day? I feel so dumb for even saying that. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors needed adrenaline to outrun goddamn sabretooth tigers, and here I am with my heart racing cause I managed to click a button in time to get a record I don't really "need." We live in crazy times. Anyway....this stupid bastard record sold out instantly so they pressed some more for one last drop today here in Japan. I managed to get one. I was only interested in it
  12. No way the re-recorded AFD vocals were used on Live Era. If they were anything like SCOM, they'd stand out like a sore thumb. That version of SCOM was radically different. Man....I'll never forget sneaking into the end of Big Daddy just to hear it....and the goosebumps all over my body when it transitioned from the old version to the new version. That was so exciting.
  13. Very cool Russ....."Midnight on the Inside Out" right into "Lickin" is such a killer one-two punch to open that album....love it. And of course, one of their catchiest singles, "Soul Singin'" is on that album too. The pink wax looks awesome too! I also got the SLINT record I wanted from a decent seller on discogs, and now all that's left are marked up copies by flippers. Bastards. But it was worth frantically clicking "refresh" cause I got the record I wanted, too.
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