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  1. Looking forward to seeing pics of the completed frame!
  2. I've thanked the man profusely in private, but I once again need to make a public THANK YOU to our main man Dean for hooking me up with a very rare and hard to get record that was only available in the UK on RSD. He did it on a few hours' notice too....unbelievable! The record arrived here in Japan a few hours ago in perfect condition (Belle & Sebastian...so what, I happen to love faggy music sometimes, gimme a break!) so this is just a major shout out to Dean! Domo arigato, brother!!
  3. Hi,

    I'm not interested in the cd but would love to hear the soundboard recording of this show from 2018 that you mentioned in the thread. I'm not sure if it's allowed but if you can share it would be much appreciated.



    1. estrangedtwat


      I don't have it on this laptop but I know I have it....remind me in a day or two and I'll try to get it to you...

    2. Nobody


      Thanks a lot! It's really not a rush but since you told me to remind you, I 'm writing again.



  4. Just like I'm one of the very, very few to witness the actual litho collection in all its authentic glory, I look forward to someday making a return visit just to check out the book. It's absolutely the next best thing to owning the real collection, and in some ways it's better cause it's more portable (even at 17 pounds) and even though it's one of a kind, it's not as scary as actually handling a real live actual Kobe litho. I'll be sure to wear those art curator white gloves when I am allowed to take a look in person!! In the meantime, excellent job. This thing has be
  5. My dad is and was a HUGE music buff his whole life. He had to constantly "upgrade" from each format to the next since the 50s. Well in the 80s, he was all about cassettes. He had THOUSANDS of them. (My dad has every song that ever hit the Billboard Hot 100....he was incredibly proud of that. Unfortunately, the invention of the internet has made that accomplishment pretty meaningless but it's possible he still has a few here and there that aren't on youtube.) Anyway, the point to all my rambling is that he had so many cassettes and was constantly taping and re-taping that h
  6. PS...happy birthday Russ! It's already "tomorrow" here in Japan!
  7. Just seeing all this cool shit now, as I was unable to get into my account for a few months. That definitely looks like a "silver back" CD, as we used to say in the old CD bootleg collecting community, rather than a CD-R. I'd love to own one myself someday, but I doubt I'll ever get it. There's a dozen or two other CDs/records on my wish list higher than this one, and it's just so damn expensive for what it is. God, we're all so screwed in the head. Collectors are insane.
  8. Hey guys.....long time no see! I haven't been able to log in for a few months. Long story...but boring, so no biggie. So. Record Store Day is tomorrow, huh?? Dean, I hope you're reading, cause I've sent you a PM begging for help again!
  9. Look, it's a perfectly cromulent sci-fi super hero show, but it's not re-inventing the wheel or breaking any new ground by any stretch of the imagination. I was harsh. It's not "horseshit." It's competently written and executed. People losing their fucking minds over it IS horseshit though.
  10. I watched Wandavision last night cause I couldn't sleep. What a predictable pile of horseshit. Anyone that was "surprised" by any of it must have never seen a movie, TV show, or read a book in their life.
  11. Oh no shit, you finally got it?? Care to share some quality pics? It's NOT just a CD-R is it? I remember reading that early on.... Oh and FYI for the youngsters, cover model Bai Ling is all kinds of naked in tons of movies over the years. Just a public service.
  12. Godammit I just can't stop......I went ahead and bought the marbled red and white edition of the AKIRA soundtrack anyway....even though I already have the regular black vinyl version....... I blame ALL of you...YOU did this! You've turned me into a monster!! BUT....if you're like me and have any love at all for the film AKIRA, buy the Milan reissue of the OST.....no matter the color of the vinyl the packaging is absolutely GORGEOUS. Amazing illustrations on front and back cover, beautiful double spread gatefold inner illustration, and both disc sleeves have lovely full color art.
  13. Well, the bullmoose store wouldn't take my Japanese credit card, so thankfully my brother dropped the $35 to get me the pink version of that Porno for Pyros album I wanted!! Ha ha ha ha....suck it ebay and your $75 scalpers!! Thanks so much for the tip Stiffy.....I just assumed they were long gone and never thought to look at the actual website. Ahh...feels like a victory!! Also....since you dudes are pretty good at this....I'll throw a hail mary and see if anyone has a lead on my current obsessions: In 2018, Milan records released the AKIRA soundtrack. I got the bo
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