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  1. I have: AFD original cover (genuine) AFD cross cover (with tattoo sticker!) Live from the Jungle EP (misprint with obi) GNR Lies (Canadian pressing, original "wife-beating" text) UYI II (original pressing...signed by Matt Sorum in 1999) TSI? (original pressing on orange vinyl) Live Era (also genuine) Chinese Democracy (Best Buy...still sealed) .44 Caliber Horticulture (old bootleg double LP) Shadow of Your love 7" on red vinyl Since I Don't Have You 7" on orange vinyl And a few other old 7 inches and promos. I still need UYI I. I always meant to get it and never got around to it, and now it's been decades that I've put off buying it. Oh well.
  2. Sadly, Bon Jovi is superior to Guns N' Roses. Bon Jovi gets a realistic action figure with interchangeable face options and a guitar and mic and mic stand. Guns N' Roses only gets shitty ugly Funko Pops.
  3. Most of this stuff has been circulating on shitty tapes and bootleg vinyl since the 80s. I can't believe someone actually sat on "New Work Tune" and "The Plague" for all those years without them ever getting out. Not that they were worth getting excited about anyway...
  4. You guys really need to make setlist.fm accounts.
  5. You won't have a chance until sometime in 2025 at the earliest. MAYBE. Go now! Hurry! There's still time! Go see them!!
  6. The exact same thing happened in 2009/2010. FINALLY, the damn album is actually OUT and they're now free to play as much of CD as they want and not have to rely on AFD standards. In Japan 2009, they kick it off by playing 13 of the 14 CD songs in one show, which has never been done again. In 2010 in Canada, most of the CD songs are kept in rotation, including things that would eventually become rare like TWAT and Scraped and ITW. After a few months.....phased out. Just back to the AFD greatest hits shows that started in 2002. I guess it all comes down to Axl's mood and what he feels comfortable with. I can't imagine why he feels the need to play the "standards" every single fucking show, every time, but he does. Of all the shows I've attended between 2002 and 2023, the following 12 songs were played at every single show. It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome to the Jungle Live and Let Die You Could Be Mine Rocket Queen Sweet Child O' Mine November Rain Knockin' On Heaven's Door Nightrain Paradise City EVERY SINGLE TIME. I get that every GNR show is someone's very first GNR show and they'd be disappointed if they didn't get to do that fucking sing along to KOHD. And at least Live and Let Die is a fairly short song. But for fuck's sake....Rocket Queen?? At EVERY show? Chinese Democracy, a song that landed with one of the biggest "thuds" in music history? Nobody would give a shit if that was dropped. You Could Be Mine was a big hit over 30 years ago, but I don't think anyone would miss it these days. SCOM/Jungle/PC....November Rain......and even arguably KOHD (even though I hate it these days).......those are the essentials. Those songs are there for casuals and first timers. They can seriously CUT the rest and I don't think anyone would mind, especially not the fans that have seen them multiple times over the years. Sheeesh.
  7. Totally agree. I hadn't been to a show since early 2017 and when I went to San Diego last month, a full THIRD of the setlist was live debuts for me. As long as you don't go to every show, every tour, there's some great surprises to be had. They did skip SOYL at my show, but...oh well...still got to hear a shitload of "new" stuff.
  8. Are they different? Night one had both Nov 1 and 2 on it. EDIT...never mind, just saw the shirt with a different image. Both designs list both nights though. Interesting. Really hope you guy get some TWAT tonight!
  9. I can't find it. Care to point me to it? I wanna hear Locomotive.
  10. When a song comes out that's one long track comprised of these two songs edited together, then I'll consider it a single song. Until that happens, they are clearly two separate songs. Is it "heavy-handed" to point out when people are being stubborn dumbasses about it cause they simply want to believe SOOO bad? They NEEEED an "EPIC" like Estranged or Coma or else their lives will just feel incomplete or something? Rocket Queen isn't two songs. November Rain isn't two songs. The two tracks we got on Friday are two songs. Playing two songs back to back doesn't make it one song. These are two songs. Who gives a fuck why it said "General and Monsters" on some legal document? Most likely that was some kind of careless error on Fernando's part. There is no "evidence for both sides." Here's the only fucking evidence we have: someone leaked TWO SONGS on Friday. TWO SONGS. We don't even know the official titles of the songs. Guns N' Roses, as always, has told us NOTHING. Right now we are in possession of TWO "new" GNR songs. That's all we know. That's not my opinion, that's a cold hard fact. Fuck. Whenever anyone uses a little logic, reason, and common sense around here, they inevitably get attacked by a collection of morons. Whatever. Enjoy your fucking "singular sonic journey made up of two compositions" you imbeciles.
  11. I'm not forcing anything. They're two separate songs. That's all. If you believe otherwise, you're just plain wrong. If we get a version on a proper release that has them combined into one song, then that will be one song. As of right now, it's two songs. Not opinion. Fact.
  12. I don't know why everyone is so insistent that these two songs are somehow one song. Each song has a beginning, a middle, and an end. They are separate. There's no segue. There's no connection. This isn't a "9 minute epic." It's two 4 minute songs. Just listen to them and enjoy them. Stop trying to force your opinion into existence when it's clearly wrong. If the record comes out and these songs flow seamlessly together as one track, then I'll change my tune. But until then, all we have is two songs.
  13. Gotta quote myself from a few days ago to show everyone what a fucking genius I am. It's hard going through life being so brilliant.
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