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  1. Well another leg of the never ending tour has come and gone. Frankly I'm surprised they got through it with the way lockdowns are coming back, but enough of that shit...we got a brand new crop of lithos to discuss! And I for think this is the best batch in a long time! Certainly better than the 2019 series which was clearly running out of gas. Lots of them took inspiration from movies, and I'm OK with that cause I love movies and I love GNR...what could go together better? I'm gonna list just a few that I thought were awesome...I'm taking pics from amaninjapan's amazing blog "lithorati" of course....your number one stop for everything you ever wanted to know about GNR lithos but were afraid to ask..... First up is Detroit. I'm a child of the 80s and RoboCop is one of my favorite movies of all time and favorite characters. What a match made in 1980s heaven....GNR and RoboCop!! An added bonus is the "homemade" airbrushed look like you'd see on the back of a jean jacket at a county fair. There's no nice way to say this....it just screams WHITE TRASH and I love it! Love the subtle GNR references too, like GNR replacing the OCP logo from the movie. It's so bright and garish and 1980s. Love it...my favorite! Next is Missoula, from the undisputed king of GNR lithos, Mr. Arian Buhler himself. He stands head and shoulders above all other litho artists for good reason...dude is just a beast! It's a gorgeous rendition of the rotting remains of Evel Knievel in his trademark stars n' stripes helmet. Now I don't think I'd wanna hang it on my wall and have it be the first thing I see every morning when waking up, but the draftsmanship is impeccable. Next one just kind of speaks for itself....Hollywood!! Take one of the single most iconic movie posters of all time, and make it a GNR poster. What do you get? Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown. Absolutely lovely and the colors are gorgeous. Hats off once again to the one and only Arian Buhler. This one should appeal to both music and movie collectors cause it's a given that the Chinatown movie poster is probably in the top ten of all time. And now, one of the most flat out fun, whimsical, and just plain CUTE lithos on this leg or ANY leg going all the way back to 2016.....the St. Paul "Peanuts" tribute. If you don't think this is adorable, you need a hug. Slash's goofy signature Charles Schultz grin, Duff not giving a fuck on bass, and Axl as Shroeder in deep concentration on the keys, with his motorcycle/piano hybrid. I love it. I just love it. It's 100% FUN, the way rock concerts and posters should be! And it really stands out in a sea of skull imagery!! What a winner! (And again...Buhler is the man!) Next up is a delightful mish-mash of some cool styles....Baltimore. Obviously inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and the Raven, you get a three headed raven in the forefront representing GNR's "big three" but I also love the Ralph Steadman inspired font for the logo, and I'm a sucker for anything to do with Estranged, my all time favorite GNR song, supposedly being written out in fancy script by hand by the corpse of our pal Poe. It's a little bit busy, but I still like it and it's unique enough to stand out from the rest. And last but not least, I like the double spread from Hollywood.....FLORIDA? The fuck, there's a Hollywood in Florida now?? Anyway, these two lithos don't really break any new ground....but they do the job. Fun, big, bold, exciting, gets the point across. What I'd consider a solid "B +" rock poster. Something you'd like having hanging on your wall after the show. Giant GNR robots are fun....almost a 70s throwback thing. That's all really, I just think they were well executed and I like 'em! So how'sabout you, fellow litho fanatics? Agree, disagree, have your own radically different opinions?
  2. (Also....am I the only person that's never fucking heard of Brandi Carlile? Now Belinda, I know.)
  3. I sincerely doubt anyone in Soundgarden approached Axl in any way before they added the song to the setlist. It was a tribute to a departed friend, nothing more. The actual members of Soundgarden were too shell-shocked by their loss to even be thinking about music in the months, and even YEARS after Chris died. Just my speculation of course, but Soundgarden effectively didn't exist in the time frame between Chris's death and GNR covering the song.
  4. I'm unaware of Axl ever playing the Peanuts theme, but hey...if anyone has ever heard it, let's hear about it!
  5. Hard Skool? Hell no...they're already past the point in the setlist it could have been played. I just can't believe Axl wouldn't take a moment to riff on the Peanuts theme just for shits and giggles.
  6. Any chance Axl played a bit of "Linus and Lucy" before November Rain?
  7. I'm shocked at how good he sounded on Pretty Tied Up. Would be an amazing addition to the set if they brought it back. Think About You....well....I've always thought it's a pretty shitty song, and I heard it in 2002 and it sounded weak then. It's not gonna sound good now. Unless Izzy comes out to play with them, they should just leave it buried.
  8. Oklahoma 92 is a great version with a fun little ad-lib thrown in from Axl. Probably my favorite live version and it's a soundboard, too.
  9. The artists don't necessarily come up with the designs. You should ask amaninjapan. He literally wrote the book on Guns N' Roses lithographs....he can answer all your questions.
  10. I put pinholes in reproductions, no problem. But man.....pinholes in the real thing, be it a litho or a movie poster or otherwise....that just hurts.
  11. As shitty as Cleveland is, I still kinda want one cause I'm from Cleveland. It really is shitty though. I still can't believe out of all the cities on this worldwide never-ending tour, MY home city is the one that had the litho printed like absolute ass. Well, I guess I can believe it....it's Cleveland. We're cursed. Let me know when the market completely collapses on Cleveland lithos and I'll finally get one. When people are using them to wrap actual valuable lithos in for shipping, we'll know we've reached rock bottom.
  12. He definitely wasn't lip-synching cause he flubbed the lines to My Michelle the night I saw him in Ohio. Also, Earl was definitely there in 2002....I met him, and he is even scarier in person. I was actually worried there would be a no-show for the Ohio dates cause the previous show (Detroit?) apparently he got pissed and left the stage after Patience and didn't do an encore, didn't do Nightrain, didn't do Paradise City. The 2002 Axl felt very much like the 90s Axl where you didn't know what the fuck he was gonna do.
  13. In reference that that insane quality coffee table book (more like museum quality reference piece) that reproduces every single litho of the NITL, as well as info about the art, the artists, the inspirations; I feel it's an injustice to call it a "fanmade" item. To me that implies someone googling low-rez pics and slapping them together in a cheap DIY fashion. At the same time, despite the level and care that went into this one of a kind product, it can't legally be called an "official" product either. Neither the band nor the management has ever publicly endorsed this. But it seems like a real disservice to just call this thing "fan-made." I think it skirts the lines between fan made and "unofficial." These are not just images grabbed off youtube. Every single lithograph from the tour has been painstakingly physically scanned at high rez for the best possible fidelity in this book, as well as hundreds of items of history and trivia along the way. The best part of this book is that exists at all, and it's gorgeous and HUGE and imposing, and has one hell of a presence when you see it. The sad thing is, unless someone has a change of heart as far as management or the people in charge of merch, we're never gonna have a chance to own one. (And trust me, to own it properly, the way it's meant to be seen, it's not just a cheap paperback you could order off amazon!) It's an absolutely stunning labor of love from our "amaninJapan" and something we used to dream about several years ago. Well, he went ahead and made that a reality, just to prove it could be done and done RIGHT!! Maybe someday the rest of us might get a chance.....here's hoping!
  14. Wichita Lineman is stil barrrf. The Seeker is a perfectly cromulent son for current Axl, as was "Don't Let it Bring You Down" during the UCAP tour.
  15. Izzy and Slash having an orgy in the confined space of their practice room they were living out of, and Izzy ended up jizzing right on Slash's leg. Yuck. Also, that time Izzy took a leak in the food prep area of an airplane and got arrested.
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