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  1. Same mate, all of my friends who are big GNR fans think it sucks. It’s brutal but it’s the truth. for people who like it, I’m glad, but for the majority, its shit with sprinkles on it and that’s being kind. Lol
  2. It just stinks of a chicken coop mate 🤦‍♂️😂😉
  3. Get a grip. axl broke up the best band of the 80/90s and pissed away 20 years of his prime. the end
  4. If this is the level that a potential new album would be at, then I really hope they never release another thing. the song itself has very few redeeming features. For those who like it, seek help. If this song was released by another band and not GNR the response would probably be overwhelmingly “WTF”. the lyrics are poor, as others have stated, pussy full of maggots” surely axl has/had something better to roll out than this crap. as others have said, a song like crash diet at least had more potential to be reworked than this pile of garbage. the thing that still makes no sense is, slash has been forever telling us he works on riffs for GNR, you can’t tell me he hasn’t got at least one catchy riff that could be worked into a NEW song with new lyrics? I really don’t understand why the band continues to work with and release old songs that were deemed not good enough back in the day? are they really that devoid of new ideas?
  5. Go back to the illusion days. Start with the toot toot.... nightrain!
  6. i agree. I consider myself a hardcore fan like anyone else who resides on this forum, but im not deluded enough to think that the majority want a new song, they just want the hits.
  7. That sounds awesome! no complaints from me!!!!!
  8. The Sydney show in November is looking more ominous by the day. With increasing delta numbers and still a very poor percentage of people fully vaccinated, its looking increasingly likely that this show is in big trouble.
  9. See this is the problem right here, one of them wants to do something, the other one doesn’t and there’s no compromise. would it have killed slash to do it? What’s it cost him? 3 hours of his life!!!! so many missed opportunities. This example is exactly why the pair of them pissed 30 years of prime career time down the toilet. Both of them are dumb fucks. 🤦‍♂️
  10. I love it how people with zero idea think they are more qualified than the medical professionals with decades of experience 😉
  11. We had zero cases. It was kicked off again due to failings with quarantine for international arrivals that kicked this thing off again.
  12. my personal opinion is the sydney show especially is currently in doubt, although aus only has a small number of cases, sydney is currently in lockdown, and there is no way a gig of this magnitude will go ahead unless they get back to zero cases. I have tickets to this gig and i think this one is seriously in doubt.
  13. It’s a fine line… just don’t become the next Jarmo and you should be right mate 😉
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