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  1. How anyone can defend them at this point in time is quite beyond me. there is a multiple valid reasons for this fan base to have the shits with the band. the no album issue is just the icing on the cake. But as others have explained, they’ve basically stuck their middle finger up at the hardcore fans (not just this year) but for years in relation to the dialogue or lack there of with this section of the fan base. You only have to look at Fernandos posts on here previously that shows his disdain for us and you can bet your last dollar that attitude filters through to axl himself. L
  2. I think the only positive in releasing just 1 album of say 14 songs... would be if it had of helped them to release a 3rd, 4th or 5th album down the line. Which we will never know. the band was in terrible shape by the end of the UYI era and had they only released 14 songs on 1 album there is still every chance we would never have gotten more. So in hindsight I probably wouldn’t trade what we got and how we got it because there was never a guarantee things would have been better with the alternative. what a shame that at the end of 93.. these guys couldn’t get past there problems
  3. This is me. Not ashamed to admit it either 🤣 it is what it is these days. I just embrace it now.
  4. I purchased 2 diamond seating tickets for $245 each. I got GA in 17 standing and I couldn’t see a thing and at 42, I’m tired 🤣 I’m happy to sit and watch!
  5. i dont think you should be talking for everybody in general terms like that. I consider myself a die hard. ive seen the band twice.. and ill go again... even though i agree id rather new music... its an opportunity ti get out and enjoy myself for a night, i understand other fans who are dirty about the lack of new music and even the lack of information from the band, with interviews, im shitty on them about a lot of things, but i booked a hotel this morning, and ill go again.. it could be the last time? it might not be... but u cant just say its the wttj crowd who will go? thats offensive imo.
  6. on your first point... there was a stadium full of people at the state of origin last night (world record number of people since the pandemic started)... qld has zero cases... they shut down SA over 14 cases this week... australia is on the right track with dealing with this stuff. I get youre probably sitting behind your keyboard in a state of the US that is recording thousands of cases a day and thats hard for you to understand, but living in newcatsle (200km) from sydney, the pandemic is basically something i see on the news, we have been without a case where i live for months, we have 9 ca
  7. Gday Russ, i believe the australian shows will happen, we had 40k at a state of origin event last night. the crowds will be there in Oz matey.
  8. Axl and the band polarise people and opinion. Always have and always will. but hanging around waiting for something to happen with this band is fruitless. As someone famous once said “you are better off waiting for Jesus, I hear the payoff would be a lot greater” ;)
  9. Unfortunately I am talking about UYI era pro shots mate. Gibbo posted the following link on his page: “Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry - 1992-09-24 - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA Today exactly 28 years ago, Axl singing don't cry. But as a GNR fan there's enough reasons to Do Cry. Because 28 Fuckin' years later we are still watching audience recording due to the fact that there's only one official release from classic GNR. The longest tour ever.... yeah but we haven't seen shit of it while there's tons of footage in the vault. Yet no one seems to realize that stuff needs
  10. I used to be a casual fan before 2011. Around this time I really started looking into and following the band a lot closer and my casual fan status probably shifted to hardcore by 2013. the reason I bring this up, is that a casual fan just loves the music and buys the ticket (that was me) but once my interest went beyond casual and I started getting interested in the autobiographies, signing up to Here today gone to hell (Jarmos site) and the more I read, researched the band and the history of all the characters, and then getting annoyed on HTGTH I realised I was on the wrong page 🤣 I r
  11. I’m probably rehashing others opinions here but I think for the most part, everyone is entitled to their opinion. if you look at the state of the band, how management treats the fans with contemp, the lack of music, the lack information in regards to just about anything, then the merchandise release of toys, laundry bags and wait for it... a $12k pub ball machine that non of us will ever fooking have enough money to spend on in the middle of a pandemic and you get a disgruntled fan base! look, if no new music was just laid out on the table to the fans most would be put out
  12. I just watched the bridge school WTTJ and i never knew that existed. I wish i didnt know about it... it was that bad. Looking at RIR 2011 the overriding thought i get from looking at clips from that show is this... WTF happened to Axl Rose between 2006 (specifically the rock am ring gig in Germany) and this show in 2011??? Its a genuiene question.. to decline that much inside 5 years is really sad. I thought he was a monster RAR 2006... if anyone can shed any light on this id actually be interested. edit.. so i just took at look at a tokyo show
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