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  1. The Sydney show in November is looking more ominous by the day. With increasing delta numbers and still a very poor percentage of people fully vaccinated, its looking increasingly likely that this show is in big trouble.
  2. See this is the problem right here, one of them wants to do something, the other one doesn’t and there’s no compromise. would it have killed slash to do it? What’s it cost him? 3 hours of his life!!!! so many missed opportunities. This example is exactly why the pair of them pissed 30 years of prime career time down the toilet. Both of them are dumb fucks. 🤦‍♂️
  3. I love it how people with zero idea think they are more qualified than the medical professionals with decades of experience 😉
  4. We had zero cases. It was kicked off again due to failings with quarantine for international arrivals that kicked this thing off again.
  5. my personal opinion is the sydney show especially is currently in doubt, although aus only has a small number of cases, sydney is currently in lockdown, and there is no way a gig of this magnitude will go ahead unless they get back to zero cases. I have tickets to this gig and i think this one is seriously in doubt.
  6. It’s a fine line… just don’t become the next Jarmo and you should be right mate 😉
  7. I’ve just read 5 pages of this and I get most of the opinions on here. We need new music, it’s gone stale, same set list, no news, no interviews, other bands do more or whatever. All valid points. I spent $245AU on two diamond seating tickets ($490AU) plus a hotel room for night 1 in Sydney (over $700.00 all up) for me and the mrs. I think like everyone else who resides on this forum, that hasn’t completely given up would say that it’s probably the last hurrah as fans. Over time ive re-adjusted my thinking and expectations of each show. I’m at a point where ive come to te
  8. We’ve always had limited information from axl over the last 2 decades. it’s hard to shake the feeling that duff and slash have either been advised to not say anything in relation to GNR or they’ve just agreed to it. Either way, they are now complicit in keeping the fans at arm lengths and essentially sticking their finger up at us. ive said it a million times, I’ll say it again, it’s a rock band. Not a covert military operation. FFS
  9. Apologies if this question has been answered in other threads, but have any of the support acts been named for the Australian gigs as yet?
  10. Have any support acts been announced?
  11. Ok so here is the set list from Sydney 2017 night 1. This was the last show I saw them live. its so easy brownstone chi dem Jungle double talkin jive better Estranged live and let die Rocket queen You could be mine new rose nice boys (angry Anderson) This I love civil war coma long slash solo The god father theme Scom whole lotta Rosie (Angus young) riff raff (Angus young) wish you were here November rain KOHD Nightrain patience the seeker para
  12. I think you’re 100% right mate Illusions stuff it is then 😜
  13. some great insight into how much this forum has going for it outside of just what is happening (or not happening) with the band. I bought tickets to the November Sydney show (spent a small fortune) as I truly think without a full AFD reunion or new music, that it could possibly be the last time they come to Oz. And it just got me thinking that without any news on a new album and my constant checking in here to see if I’ve missed anything what it would be like for the forum and I think I got it answer! for me personally, the new music issue becomes less relevant every day. im more st
  14. True I guess. But I remember previous dark periods and then getting news on the reunion and thinking if you hang in long enough something always eventually happens 🤣so you just hang in there... it’s a great forum for meeting people and I guess I’d probably still turn up! 😎
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