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  1. Hard School. its also an alt for coma. (hence why its next to locomotive in the list)
  2. if you dont think Circus Maximus is an early title for it, then yes. but im in that camp and belive ides of march was the opener to the 3rd album.
  3. im pretty sure dub suplex was turned into "jumpman" and released by buckethead.
  4. pay very close attention to the synth orchestra bits of Billionare (and ignore the technocrap). what does it remind you of?
  5. linernotes from TWAT brian drums remix. he was awnsering questions in the notes he put in the original zips.
  6. i love the little notes we received in the emails. he was in our discord responding to us via these texts in the zips
  7. they arent true 320k, it appears that they were copied at 160kbps at some point onto a different CD then ripped from this at 320kbps. probably the rip from the original CDs before these were put in the locker. Edit: Proof. if it were true 320kbps it would top out at 20KHz, this is atlas from this disc. https://imgur.com/a/m8MUdSX
  8. honestly our goal was to get enough of a panic going that some hoarder would put something up as we delayed "the upload" of the "zip of all the cd's" we got. not really a disinformation thing. also to make a certian hoarder/seller sweat a little under his boobs.
  9. before everyone goes "BAH ITS BEEN TAMPERED WITH" because you can hear cuts posit this its a rough mix. a producer probably took a longer recording and cut parts out (or the opposite, a shorter song and pasted a section) to fit the time constraints of a release CD. axl was probably going to re-record and possibly change lyrics. if you take the silence out in the begining, its exactly 4:12 long.
  10. pack it up boys. no more leaks until summer 2029. the 10 year pact strikes again.
  11. ya'll think this is the best night of the year? im having a child tomorrow and this story is going to be told to him forever.
  12. Has anyone heard about a hoarder named Robert B.? Apparently he has strong ties to Levisnuts. So strong infact they work together at a law office in Virginia, found very near coordinates found in the metadata for the original photos of the CDs from the stash, used to sell them. Not the locker buyer but probably the 2nd pair of hands on them.
  13. im pretty sure this song is from the 99 tape, maybe even the source that razz got his clip from.
  14. some user DM'd me with a link to the forums this was posted on before it went widespread and i anounced it was out on discord, i cant believe nobody noticed this for an hour. quick, everyone go check dead/quiet gnr forums for other songs. this one came from gnrevo from a user who created an account just to post the link.
  15. hint: EVERYONE was a member of guns n roses.