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  1. Loco-Motive

    The sad thing is Axl can actually sing, he shows that in AC DC, he just does not give a shit in GNR and just mails it in.
  2. Duff interview.

    No Fortus would stay in the band, they would go back to three guitar players, and if Izzy left he would already be there to replace him.
  3. Duff interview.

    How so he is a session player, he knows that
  4. Duff interview.

    They could have kept both. It would make perfect sense. Then if Izzy up and quit again, it would not matter because you would have Fortus there
  5. Duff interview.

    and he talks about he wrote the lyrics for its so easy
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of5QpB7v7fI
  7. Guns n roses are the biazarr-Pearl Jam. PJ does everything for their fans, they dont care about bootlegs, hell they even at one point, they may even still do it now, sell every soundboard version of their live shows because they wanted their fans to have good quality bootlegs of their shows. PJ treats their fans great where as GNR treats their fans like shit. PJ plays a different set list every night, gnr plays the same set list for 10 years. GNR does not deserve the fanbase they have