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  1. Ok nevermind, was Axl talking to the sound guy at RIR because something was too loud in Axls ear. I miss the old silkworms lyrics, the new version is way too repeative.
  2. And don't forget Acquiesce and Listen Up.
  3. Some of Oasis's b-sides are better than a lot of guns n roses album songs but nothing Oasis ever did comes close to AFD.
  4. LOL at thinking Axl is hungry to make new music the guy who has put out one album in 20 years.
  5. So is was really because of Dave and not GNR
  6. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    net neutrality starting early for you it seems
  7. CD the song is totally industrial sounding. Also Axl said in some interview the first album (meaning CD) was going to be half industrial and half classic gnr sounding to ease fans into the new direction. It wasn't going to be under the follow up until Axl went full on industrial, but that never happened.
  8. Nirvana "The Fourth Album" (fanmade)

    Terrible list of songs, they don't even have talk to me on it. Sappy should also be on it as well.
  9. Yeah just think if GNR actually released a proper single with slash and duff or even an album or EP.
  10. All it needs to the Finck guitar licks added into the song and it would be the best version as far as I am concerned. If there is a studio version of that, that sounds like this version that would be the ideal version. I still hate the Axl vocal, really wish he redid them.
  11. KOHD the current live version is so bloated with the 8 solos in the middle. They need to go back to the 90s version with the one slash solo in the middle. KOHD is one of the most boring things on the set list. Its stupid the band is doing like a 12 minute version of it, that is assinine They need to go back to a 6-8 minute version and add in another UYI song like the garden, pretty tied up or perfect crime.
  12. it is legit and its from around 2001
  13. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    The sad thing is if Axl released CD in 2002 then the follow up in 2004 , then the 3rd in 2006, maybe BH and Finck never would have quit. But we will never know.