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  1. Yeah just think if GNR actually released a proper single with slash and duff or even an album or EP.
  2. All it needs to the Finck guitar licks added into the song and it would be the best version as far as I am concerned. If there is a studio version of that, that sounds like this version that would be the ideal version. I still hate the Axl vocal, really wish he redid them.
  3. KOHD the current live version is so bloated with the 8 solos in the middle. They need to go back to the 90s version with the one slash solo in the middle. KOHD is one of the most boring things on the set list. Its stupid the band is doing like a 12 minute version of it, that is assinine They need to go back to a 6-8 minute version and add in another UYI song like the garden, pretty tied up or perfect crime.
  4. it is legit and its from around 2001
  5. Robin Finck: opinions? Is he a good guitarist?

    The sad thing is if Axl released CD in 2002 then the follow up in 2004 , then the 3rd in 2006, maybe BH and Finck never would have quit. But we will never know.
  6. I dont think it would be, it would be like the stuff that Calvin Harris does. Like Calvin Harris Ft. Hurt on Under Control or Calvin Harris Ft. Florence Welch So the album could be a brain album and the songs be FT Axl Rose for those remixes
  7. Did he? I always assumed that version was fan made that someone just added teh intro from hammerstein to the 2006 demo. I never remember anyone passing it off as a legit leak.
  8. Yeah SP is one of my all time favorite bands but after Adore, Billys stuff was not that great espeically his solo stuff.
  9. You are not familiar with this one? The intro is just missing the orchastration they added,
  10. I still have and like frozens shacklers revenge remix. and of course still love evaders silkworms.
  11. Yeah I have one where someone added the live intro over the leak that didn't have it, before that version leaked out.
  12. There are two 2006 versions, one with the amazing BH solo and one without. That is 5. And 6 is the instremenetal and of course the album version.